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    I have an established llc lawn/landscaping company of three years. Would be selling EVERYTHING such as LLC, Business name, All equipment/Truck/ Clients etc What are how would be the best ways to sell the company to a target buyer? In the dark about this at the moment but figured you guy's would have some decent recommendations.

    Thanks in advance
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    What was the approximate gross and net? Number of accounts? Contracts?

    I bought/took over a 3 yr old llc. if you pm me ill share details. But equipment is worth what's it worth. 3yrs and established doesn't go together in my eyes unless I missing something. You won't get much for the blue sky portion. Accounts you will get some but only 3yrs from experience won't make them super loyal.

    I would set it up so you get paid upfront for equipment. Then a % of gross sales to $xxxx amount. Depending on how many accounts stay you get paid off quicker, it also let's the new owner shed the bad accounts without paying for them. He maybe willing to pay more since it is a percentage of sales not blue sky.
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    I would post an add on craigslist and contact my competitors to see if they are interested and have the $$$. Also, I have heard the going rate for accounts is one and a half months worth of gross revenue. I would not sell unless purchaser is willing to give you all the money up front, otherwise you probably won't get they money you are hoping to get. Furthermore, to sue your purchaser if they break your % contract would be costly and most likely ineffective.
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    What is your location

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