How to set lesco spreader setting?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by PTOhioMower, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. PTOhioMower

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    I just bought a used lesco spreader with 80 lb hopper. I think it is just a year old. The old owner just used it for salting ice and no longer needed it so i got it cheap. So I bought a bag of lesco fert, 24-2-11, and it says to use the calibration gauge #15. The spreader has 2 plastic "gauge feelers" and also has the dial settings. I think there is a number 15 setting on the dial, but is that different than the "calibration gauge #15"?

    Thanks for your help.

    PS. I only fert my own lawn, so dont flame me.:)
  2. PTOhioMower

    PTOhioMower LawnSite Member
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    Ok, I found the manual online. But now I have a question about the 3rd hole. Is it suppose to stay open or closed?? The manual says says nothing about this.
  3. Jason Rose

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    Ignore the numbers on the back of the hopper and use the gagues only. I try to use the center hole, as i notice a slight variation between the 3 holes on their hole opening. Once you have your openings set at the number you need you can use the numbers on the hopper as a refrence, say if you need to open it all the way up to clear a clog quick, then you can zip it back to where it was easy and continue on.
  4. Jason Rose

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    you can close it for going around the edges, running a band around the very edge ensures you get double coverage over the whole lawn, if you don't the edges really only get single coverage.
  5. americanlawn

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    Set your spreader so the "holes" are about halfway open". Tou should be fine.
  6. dcondon

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    It needs to be more accurate then that. Just check with your local lesco dealer and have him help ya!!!:)
  7. SodKing

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    Please tell me this is not how you calibrate your spreader...
  8. Jason Rose

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    LOL, on the older lescos that had letters instead of the numbers it was "set it on G for Green"!
  9. PTOhioMower

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    Dont worry guys, Im no fert pro. But I think even I know to pass on this "advice".

    But a little bit more info on the third hole would be great!
  10. Splicer

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    That has been a question of man for as long as woman has been around!!! Soory, HAD to say that!!!:laugh:

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