How to set up landscaping packages for new homes?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by SchipShape, Mar 2, 2006.

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    Hi All,
    My situation is that i am involved with a home builder that is building a 28 home development (very exclusive homes ranging from $750,000-$1,200,000). The homes will be fully landscaped which will include plantings, hardscape, driveway etc.. There are going to be 3 levels of homes (classic, select & limited). This is where i come into the fold. He wants me to create packages with breif desciption of what is included (which the buyer will see) example: X amount of sqft of hardscape patio with style of paver, X amount of walkway, description of plantings and so on. I will need to create 3 different packages that will go along with the (classic, select & limited) packages of the homes. The home buyer will not know the cost of the landscaping package it will be included in the price of the home.

    I think that i have a handle on estamating the prices for the materials end. What i am having problems with is determining how long the job will take & what issues i might run into etc.

    The area the development is being built at is an old farm. Most of the land is cleared fields, but the obstacle is that it is very hilly with lots of different grades.

    I have experience with doing design set ups & installation on houses that have been first built and then it is the owers responsibility to landscape the house. With these situations i know going into the job what i have to work with.

    Please any feedback would be greatly appreciated:dizzy:
  2. YardPro

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    have you done much hardscape, etc. work before? If so you should know how long it would take.

    talk with the builder and find out what tree price ranges he wants the three catagories to be in.

    then design them around that budget. If the cost is going to be built into the house you can be assured the builder already has a good idea of what he is going to be spending.
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    And, bon't's been a construction site..Compaction may be a problem and you will want to use compost instead of top soil which is a complete no-no to use anyway....You will want to get random soil tests.
  4. freddyc

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    Plantsolutions...sorry but I don't understand your statement....."topsoil is a complete no-no to use anyway"

    Do you mean you don't ever use topsoil on a new lawn?????

    Please explain, Thanks.
  5. sheshovel

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    Yes please explain..Topsoil is what you WANT on the properties..and it is most likely stripped off and will need replacing.The top inches or sometimes foot of the soil is the best.Depending on where you are.
  6. sheshovel

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    As far as aanswering your questions..need more info..dimensions?,will the properties be finished graded?,will you be doing all the drainage required?
    How many tree's?What sizes?Wood decks or paver patios?walkways?Driveways?Sod or seed lawns?Irrigation installation required for them?Whats the water situation?On and on I could need more info about what exactly you will be walking into when the site is ready for you to do your work.
  7. sheshovel

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    Shoot I just wrote up three plans for you and lost them dammit!shoot!!!!
    OK usually it goes like this
    1st-lowest priced home..wlkway from drvway to frnt door,foundation bed straight along the front of the home..planted with a few shrubs and 1-tree in the front,the rest is lawn..the back is just graded and seeded all drains insstalled.
    house #2-middle priced home
    larger foundation beds planted with more shrubs and alittle curving might be used outlining the beds and two trees in front aand the rest lawn..back has a patio
    of pavers at ground level or a simple wood deck off the back door with steps acsessing the yard..seeded lawn and a tree or two in back all drainage installed.
    Houes#3-most expensive house..usualy a nice mound in the front yard planted with a nice tree and boulders and shrubs,the rest lawn around it..a curving walkway to the front door and planting beds that curve around the home and along the entry walkway(sometimes to the back)planted with some focal point shrubs and different plants,and a nice elevated patio with built in seating in back paver or wood ,planting beds around it and along the perimiter of the propline..two trees and the rest lawn all drainage installed.
  8. sheshovel

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    Am I good or what???
  9. baddboygeorge

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    if hes the general contrator he aint spending a bunch on landscaping . builders are a joke , landscaping has about a 500-750 dollar budget an thats all ya get . its like buying a mercedes 500 series with no a.c.. i cater to new homeowners cause when ya buy that caliber of home that last thing ya want is some crappy landscaping. we rip it all out an create a whole new look , its called curb appeal. an when ya take a house an give it take special touch, it turns it into a home!You can always tell what type of person you are by the outside of your home. so builders,realtors,developers when ya wanna sell homes give it curb appeal an watch them go,, see ya george
  10. sheshovel

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    I hope you don't think I install landscapes like those I mentioned..I don't but most landscapers doing deals like the poster is this basic work as I
    named above.You can't individualize with a contract like that cuz you have to know what every home will cost and they have to be the same in each level of priced home..ya know.?

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