How to setup Lawn Maintenance accounts.

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Jesusl, Dec 12, 2017.

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    Hello everyone! So I'm coming here with yet another question.

    This has been my first year in business, so there is a lot i still don't know. Currently I only have 10 lawn maintenance accounts of which I do every two weeks just mowing & edging. Usually when a customer wants something extra i would do it during that visit and still be able to stay on schedule for the most part.

    My issue is that once fall came and all of the leaves fell i ended up rescheduling almost every customer because of how long leaves were taking me. A house that took me 40 minutes was now taking me over 3 hours because of the crazy amount of leaves! I understand now that leaf cleanup, trimming and weeding should be scheduled on a different date and i should charge extra.

    But my question is how do i go about scheduling all of those extras? Lets say i have 50 customers that all need leaf cleanup, and also need their lawn mowed how would i go about keeping the lawn mowing schedule going on time and also be able to accommodate for 50 extra jobs.
  2. dfcam

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    At leaf time, make sure that customers understand that there is no set day
    as to when you will be there. Between weather and extra time because of
    leaves that's just the way it goes. Just communicate to them what the deal is.
    have fun and get at it!
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    For one when we are doing leaf removal....that's all they are getting done that day is leaf removal. Maybe the following week if the leaves aren't to bad then we will mow. But most of the time we will do leaf removal several weeks in a row and not mow. Usually when the leaves are falling the growth of the grass has slowed down to where we don't need to mow nearly as often. It can definitely be a juggling act and having the right amount of employees helps get things done quicker.

    I wouldn't try to do to many services at each visit. You are creating a habit that the clients will see and expect you to be on-top of everything at all times. I'm not saying to lower their expectations but at least find that happy medium to where it's not so overwhelming to you and that you will find a rhythm.
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    Leaf removal isn't part of regular lawn maintenance here. By the time they fall grass isn't growing. When we remove leaves that a extra service at normally twice or three times the cost of mowing.
    I hate leaf jobs. In the time it takes for a big leaf job I can make more money on trees in lots less time. Most all my coustmers are fine with just mulching them. The few that aren't pay teenagers to do the job. Because I priced myself out of the jobs...
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  5. Todd73

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    I mow Monday through Thursday and leave Friday open for special projects, rain day make-up, or machine maintenance. If the customer asks for something other than their scheduled lawn maintenance, then I have the option to either squeeze it in with the lawn maintenance if it’s somethng small, like trim two hedges, or schedule it for a Friday if it’s big, like a mulch job. Yes it’s a return trip to the same property, but that is factored into the project price.

    Reading all these leaf posts makes me glad I don’t have to deal with them.
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    Leaves here in the northeast are a great way to keep busy before the snow and winter. Really helps with fall too. Some don't realize how heavy leaves can get
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    They all won't call or fall at the same time, some ask me to wait until every leaf has fallen. And some are cheap. It all depends on the customer. Cutting 50 lawns solo a week is doable, but tiring and a lot of work. Tighter the better, good luck
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    When the leaves start to fall go to weekly service.
  9. JMK26

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    Don't know where you are but it may be unlikely that every lawn will need leaf removal. I have quite a few that don't need it. Here's what I do and it works well. November 1st mowing goes to every other week....the week I'm not mowing is leaf removal. Then I mow again, and then leaf removal.....December 1st mowing stops and it's full time leaf removal. I have a few lawns that get leaf removal every week until leaves are down, but on the mowing week I do the leaf removal on Monday, my open day of the week for extras.
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