How to sharpen blades????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mortymower, May 5, 2005.

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    Hi, i have an exmark lazer Z HP 21hp kawasaki, 48. When i first got it it cut perfectly but after about 20 hours it started to leave stragglers. So i picked the fron of the mower of and removed the blades and shapened them, i put them back on and a very small improvement but not much, was noticed. I have a bench and angle grinder and use them for various metal working and i thought i knew how to sharpen but maybe not. also is there anything else that would cause stragglers to be left. Any tips on sharpening????? ;)
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    If the blades are good and sharp, then check your belt tensions. Especially check you mule drive belt. These loosen up after they get worn in a bit and have to quickly be re-adjusted. No biggy. Just consult your manual, and/or call Exmark, and they can walk you through.
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    yea i have my seat disabled becuase i am only like 115 pounds and its annoying and i hopped off the mower with the blades on to grab something, and i noticed that the deck belt was really floppin all over the place and the idler was goin crazy trying to keep tension on it. ;)

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