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How to sharpen blades?


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Orlando, FL
Bought a used lesco/neary 440 blade grinder a little bit ago and still trying to figure out the best way to sharpen! I read these ads for multi-matic? blade sharpener that does it in 60 seconds, is this true? I keep running the blade back and forth across the wheel at the right angle but how much pressure should I apply against the grinding wheel? And when I pull the blade back across the wheel, the aluminum angle rest isnt long enough to support the length of the blade and I have to eyeball it the best I can for the end of the blade. Sometimes the blade isnt straight and has curves in it too. Itll sharpen the outside edges but not hte inside parts of the curves. Is it ok to use the edges of the wheel, running the blade diagonally on the aluminum rest? Any and all advice is appreciated.


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Buy a angle grinder ! 3 blades in less than 4 Min's. Curved, Mulching or Straight.

Mark in MD

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Not quite sure how yours works from your description.

Mine is a Neary 1/2 HP blade grinder which I bought over 20 years ago and is still running today. It looks almost exactly like the one at the bottom of page 1 of this thread:


You can adjust the bevel to match your blades exactly.

Apply light-to-medium steady pressure and slide the blade back and forth, keeping the bottom of the blade flat against the grinder deck so you retain the correct bevel. Don't press so hard that you slow down the wheel. Make sure the wheel is spinning up into the edge of the blade so that sparks fly up and out into the air, not down into the wheel well. Try to grind in the exact center of the two wheel edges.

For a long time I wasn't happy with how long it took to grind. Then my father in law, who owns a machine shop, gave me a grinding wheel dressing stick. By pressing the end of it into the wheel, it removes the contaminants that have smoothed out the wheel, and allows it to grind much more efficiently.



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Itz a neary we have one in the shop bought from lesco with the stand and the dust collection unit,we had to take the aluminum plate off and go to a machine shop to make a larger one the original is way to small,itz never used we have two magna-matics that are faster,bottom line go to a shop and pay to get the plate bigger it will help on time the aluminum plate cost us less than $50.