How to show a proposal


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When you meet with a customer and they ask for pricing on _______.
How do you show them the pricing? Do you show them a type of proposal listing prices or do you write up a contract that states the pricing? I have alway just brought a contract, but when i am competing with other companies i thought maybe some sort of proposal simply listing prices for the services requested would be better. Any help? Any examples?


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You could show them exactly what you would do, and list types of plants or type of brickwork etc. Lots of pictures.

Don't give away any design information for free.

In the written presentation use expressive language to explain scents and colours or visual impact of the project. Put every-thing into a handy binder with your company name/logo and their name and address on the cover. You can include a copy of the contract with this. Then they can also see what your contract says. This looks professional and says " my company has it's act togeather "

If it's a design, they have to pay for a detailed plant list seperately after you have been paid for the first draft of the design and it is approved. Also, where I am, a design is not covered by the builders lien act. They have to pay for the design either before you do it or when you present it to them.
No payment plans for designs.

So plants are described in the initial estimate presentation for their impact and not precisely what type and the cost of each. (although you could tell them how many Cedars for a hedge )

I wouldn't give alot of details that could amount to intellectual property. The potential client can take that and have their kid build the project if too much info is given.
And, never break down pricing on idividual Pop up riser $X.00
Clients don't need to know this and they can use it against you to compare apples to oranges with another companies cost of doing business.

Don't give how many hours and how much per hour your labour is either.
They don't need to know. Some people will sit and time you. PitA

I suggest you make your estimates a package presentation with a total price for the entire job.
Be specific just enough and use interesting language to sell them that way.