How to smooth out a rough lawn?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by CELS#1, Aug 16, 2012.

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    I don't know if this is the correct forum for this question but here it goes. I have a new cemetery lawn that is 6 years old and about 5 acres. It has been rough as a cob since the township turned it into a new lawn. It is so bad it takes me twice as long to mow as similar lawns. I don't think I have all four tires touching the ground at the same time no matter what direction I mow it. I wanted to have it fixed before we plotted it out for new lots but it never happened. Something really needs to be done but we have already had it professionally plotted out. My question is How can I fix the lawn do we need to start fresh or the other option in my mind is to hire a asphalt company to use one of there heavy rollers to try and role it. I am so angry by the time I finish mowing it from the constant kidney punch and whiplash that I just want to punch someone in the face. Any economical ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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    Is there any graves in the new plots yet? I don't know how that all works, but couldn't you just grade and reseed this fall?
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    No graves but there are dozens of lot markers which were placed in the ground by the surveyor. I know there are lots of options but I don't want to pay for and I know the township won't pay for surveying a second time. I will probably just have to top dress it in sections because it will be very expensive to do a lawn of that size and the township is a small township that doesn't have the kind of budget for something like that. Thanks.
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    I'd complain to the company/township that did the actual grading. I had a similar issue at a property where a excavating company came in and tore up a entire area of the property and never graded it smooth. THEN they seeded it all. I couldn't even put my mower ON the area. It had boulders of rocks larger then the front caster tires sticking up. I simply told the property owner that I can touch that area unless they come in a grade it properly. They completely agreed and called the company up and put a match under their azz. The next week I serviced the property, it was WAY smoother and re-seeded. I can go full stick through the area now. When someone/company does a pizz poor job, I'm going to let the person thats paying them KNOW they are doing a poor job. If they did not do anything, it would have sat there with foot tall grass. I'd complain to whoever did the work regardless.
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    Power raking or vertical mowing will cut off the bumps. Reseed as needed. But the property is too big in a practical sense for this. Try it on a small area--see if it helps.
    Aeration followed by dragging the cores into the low spots might help--I am guessing here.
    Orange makes a good point.

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