How to spend 4K?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Howie's Lawn Care, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. Howie's Lawn Care

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    :help: I know its not much, but it's what i plan on putting toward lawn equipment for next year. I'll have atleast $4,000.00 for next year after I pay for auto insurance. I've got 21 lawn maintenance customers, 16 new this year. They are all small residential lawns, and I charge generous rates (which will change next year). I'm sixteen, but won't get my vehicle liscense until September because I dodn't get my permit until March. All my yards are in a 100 yard radius of my house, so I just push my mower and trimmer (plastic blades, edges nicely). I plan on purchasing all new equipment, but I wont be getting a riding lawn mower for another year most likely. You can see my old equipment below. I'm looking for a new push mower, string trimmer, edger, hedge trimmers, and backpack blower. I'm planning on buying commercial equipment, not Wal-Mart and Lowes junk like I currently own. What equipment do you guys recommend? Are Toro Prolines and Exmark Metros the best as far as commercial 21" mowers and do 26" Metros mulch pretty good? Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks. :help:
  2. green-go

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    I'd say don't spend alot of money on a mower now, wait until you can drive and then buy a 32" or a 36". I don't think that spending 1k+ on a new commercial Toro and then wearing it out by pushing it up and down the streets around your neighborhood would be wise. But if you still insist on getting a 21 or 26, Toro, Exmark, or Snapper would probably be best for commercial mowers. 21's will get beat up being pushed around all the time on pavement - those small plastic wheels absorb no shock, unlike the large rubber tires on a WB. Or maybe get a 32 or 36 now if they can be used on most/all of your yards.
  3. Howie's Lawn Care

    Howie's Lawn Care LawnSite Senior Member
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    The equipment I want to buy will be for next mowing season.
  4. PTP

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    I have heard good things about the Quick 36 (see ad above). That would help you to stay in your budget and you could handle a little more work with it.

    Right now, I run a Shindaiwa trimmer and edger, Stihl chainsaw and hedgeclippers, and an Echo blower. I have been relatively pleased with all of them - They (not the chainsaw and hedgeclippers) service about 110 lawns per week so I know that they hold up well.

    If you intend a 36" mower to be your main machine a little later on, I would highly recommend the 36" Wright Standar. I think that the sport model has wider tires that would really help with any rutting issues. I used this myself last year and was really pleased with it.
  5. Thirdpete

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    how about a truck? find yourself a used F150 with the fullsized bed, clean it up real nicely. you're also going to need a trailer. try to save more money up if you can.
  6. ALBsun1

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    Since you live in Ohio, you probably have a lesco dealer nearby. Their walkbehinds seem to be a few hundred cheaper than the likes of an exmark or a toro, and i don't really see that much of a difference in my experience with both, as far as durability. Last time i looked, the 36" belt drive, a great start out mower, was a little over $2,000, then you could buy a trimmer, blower, edger, for about another 1,000, or put it toward a small trailer. You still have $1,000 left in the bank, and you can just hold onto your old push mowers til they die...
  7. lawnprosteveo

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    I agree with for now and when you do buy, go for a good 36 or 32...Toro is my recommendation.
  8. grassyfras

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    forget the 36 just get at least a 52 or bigger.
  9. speedyvision917

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    He only has $4000 and needs to buy other equipment also. Good idea but not the best for his case.

    I say if the mowers you have do the yards in a reasonable amount of time and work well for you then keep 1 or 2 sell the other then buy your self a nice trimmer, if you want to save money and dont need a bp then get a handheld (god i hope fareway doesnt see this) then find yourself a small pickup like an older s-10 or ranger and load your stuff in the back of it since you will only have the 21in or if you do end up buying it the 26in mowers which will fit fine. next with any money left should be the edger and lastly the hedge trimmers.

    This is just my opinion and may not be the best plan for you, just trying to help ya out and give ya some ideas.
  10. Precision

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    So it would seem that you already have a Ranger for when you can drive.

    My suggestions

    Toro Proline 21" they are built like tanks $1000-1100
    Echo / Stihl Line trimmer I don't know the models on the echo I use Stihl FS 100 4 mix Lots of service centers pretty good machines from either brand. $260-290
    Echo / Stihl edger Fc 75 on stihl really good machine $275-300
    Echo / Stihl backpack blower. don't get caught up in the blower wars. You don't need the biggest and best. A Stihl BR340 would be fine $290-320

    So far you have spent +/- $2000. Save the extra money for back-up equipment or advertising.

    Perhaps a few hundred in flyers for the preseason and the rest as a trailer fund or getting a license and insurance.

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