How to start a LLC??

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    How did you go about starting your LLC?

    Question 1. Did you just go to your city hall and file the paper work there or did you do you use one of the online companies that do it for you?

    Question 2. How much did it cost you.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Go to an attorney that specializes in that field would be best.
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    Why not go with an S-corp. You should save money in tax liability.
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    I just did this, I went to the secretary of state website and went to business section, went to the L.L.C form printed it off, filled it in, sent it by mail with a $125.00 check. That is in Ohio so I'm not sure how you'd do it in your state. First I called the Secretary of state and they gave me the directions on how to find the form. So maybe call your state secretary office and ask them.
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    Do what Rickl1700 said i went through the secretary of state website and printed off the paperwork . it shows how to fill out the paper work here in NC it was $125 . dont go to a attorney or legalzoom it will cost you three times as much .
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    Thanks every one for your help and input
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    If you go with Legal Zoom, keep in mind they upsell like crazy. I work from home so I use a UPS Store mailbox for a "business address" to keep things separate. According to legal zoom that was not allowed as Registered Agent, and wanted me to pay the yearly fees to use their Agent Service.

    I called into the state to ask, and was confirmed it was ok since there is someone there during business hours to sign for any paperwork / packages that come. So I printed the form from their site and mailed it with a check. Easy as pie.

    One note (mainly for anyone coming across this thread from Ohio) I sent in a personal check to get the LLC, so then I could then get a business checking account. In Ohio, whatever address is on your check, that is the address they mail your LLC paperwork to, and gets listed online, even though I had the Business address on the paperwork! I called in, and they did modify it and resend the paperwork and update online. She confirmed this was NOT a mistake, just they way they do it.

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    Im still confused on the advantages between LLC or Sole prop for someone like me at least...who is a single man operation.
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