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How to start up irrigation system after winterizeing!


LawnSite Member
Mt. Juliet, Tn
How do you start up an irrigation system for the spring time. This pitictular one was blown out and winterized this fall and is now ready to be turned on. Do i simply just turn the water supply on or what. I have never worked with irrigation systems before.
Thanks for all of your advice.

Critical Care

LawnSite Bronze Member
Central Oregon
Geeze, no one answered you. I would have figured that you would have gotten a number of people offering ideas.

There is probably a published procedure for this, but the one thing that I always keep in mind is what can happen when suddenly you have a force of water flowing through a pipe with air in it. The air has to go somewhere, and could easily blow a head or worse. Before I open the main valve I manually open the other valves, and then slowly open the main. All I want to see is a little bit of water at first coming out of the heads. I then do a process of closing valves one at a time down to a single zone, and then repeat this process with each zone where you gradually build up the pressure instead of hitting everything all at once. So far, it’s worked for me.


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Probably the main reason we haven't answered is we don't want to give all of our knowledge and years of experience to just anybody who asks. This is why we get paid to do what we do. I won't explain over the phone every detail for a customer to turn their's on either.

Another reason is that there are many different systems out there and many different ways it could be installed. Does it have a pump? is the circuit breaker turned off? do you know how to prime a pump? is there a PVB? an RP? do you know what an RP or PVB is? is there a ball valve or a gate vale to turn on the water supply? are all the drains closed? do you even know where all the drains are?

Not trying to be rude. We've also gone over this same deal with winterizing.