How to stop employees from milking the clock

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mrkosar, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. mrkosar

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    What are some methods you guys have used or know other companies use to avoid your employees milking the clock on you?

    Anyone use GPS systems? If so, what kind and how much does it cost?
  2. crazy4green

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    I use GPS system but works good. Its more of its in heads of tech that you can know where they are at all the time. I'm not sure how much just the GPS system is I get a whole package with it for billing,routing and many other things all in one. But have got this one from someone else and use it. I pay comission over hourly and over so many hours start cutting back % of commission unless those hours are manditory overtime.
  3. garydale

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    Production quotas, $ per day, stops per day etc.
    Do you have poor employee relations?
  4. mrkosar

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    Do I have poor employee relations? No, I actually a small company that will be hiring my first two employees here soon. I'm doing research on the best ways to make them work efficiently, but still enjoy what they do. I've milked the clock before at my previous job badly...and I liked and respected my boss. This topic has nothing to do with poor employee relations if the proper system is not in place. If you give an employee no incentives to work efficiently then why the hell would they? For example, I used to be paid hourly, but if i got done with my route and was back after 6 hours cause i worked efficiently then i wasn't rewarded. Ironically i was hurt because i was only getting 6 hours/day rather than my co workers who milked it and brought in 8-9 hour days.

    Production quotas are sketchy in my opinion because they push people to door poor quality jobs and run the risk of blanket spraying herbs rather than spot treating which is important to my company. Stops and money per day seem they same to me with the risk of them flying through their work oblivious to quality.
  5. philk17088

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    try a quota system along with a customer retention/satisfaction piece in your compensation package. can be very effective.
  6. magland

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    A daily quota can help from milking, but make it reasonable so the guys don't rush around and do a poor job. A lot depends on what kind of guys you hire. If they are motivated, fast workers, then hourly should be fine. But if you have slower, less motivated guys, then a quota would be good. I've had both ends of the spectrum.
  7. colnc

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    I make my guys write the time they arrived and the time they finished every lawn everyday. They also write in any stops for food, gas etc. I know almost exactly how long it takes to do everyone of my lawns in any condition (rain,sunshine) so I know when the numbers do not match. They know this and so far no problems. It also helps me to find anything new that I can do for them to cut any time off of their day. Keeps everything pretty efficient.
  8. grenskpr

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    I used to have problems with guys milking and about 5 years ago I went to a production system where they get paid per 1000 sq ft. First off it weeded out the lazy ones and it set my cost for labor. The tanks are calabrated to spray a certain amount (150,000) and we pay a minimum 5000 sq ft. I start em out at .68/1000 and we go up from there. If they have to go back for gate locked something missed, etc they eat it.

    On another note may I suggest if you are doing your first hires is to look at your local fire department I have hired two firemen that work part time on their off days, it has worked for me they are mature,dependable, take care of equipment, and can find an address. when its raining they are ok with staying home and their benifits are payed by the city.

  9. F&SLawnCo

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    I think it pays to know , from your own experience, how long it takes to run your routes. That is what we do. Sometimes we get to the shop and have one of the guys work around the shop and We (my partner) might just hop in the truck and run the route. I also believ it has a lot to do with what type of people you hire and whether or not they respect you. Because if you truly do have respect for your boss, then you don't steal from his company, and that is what milking is.
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