How To Stripe Your Yard

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    i found this and like to try and share it!!!

    How Do You Stripe Your Yard?

    Look at the Beautiful Stripes!

    That is a question I have gotten for years. I have been mowing lawns for about 21 years now and have owned and used many different types of mowers during that time. Yes, my favorite is the standard zero turn rider mower. I personally like the Exmark brand, but other brands have succeeded in matching quality and efficiency over the years.

    So, how do you ‘stripe’ a yard. Well let’s begin by explaining what a ‘stripe’ is. A stripe is where you make your lawn have a light and a dark pattern, every other row of the mower. Most people really know this by watching baseball fields, and golf courses. Baseball fields usually have the most dramatic stripes. Football will typically stripe every five yard blocks, making it not quite as noticeable. Most homeowners, once they know the technique, can stripe their own yards with their own equipment. However, a few factor come into play that we are going to discuss. Things such as type of grass, type of mower, type of blades, angle of the sun can affect how a stripe looks.

    Let’s begin with the type of grass. I will qualify this with I live in Nashville, TN and have all my life, so I know this area extremely well. We can grow Fescue, Rye, Bermuda, and Zoysia really well here. The different types of grass make a huge impact on the type of stripe you can get in your yard. In my opinion, Fescue makes the best stripe for me. Rye is not a good permanent grass so I will leave it alone. Bermuda and Zoysia have to be mowed every couple to days to get and keep a good stripe. Just like the ball fields on TV. I don’t know anything about St. Augustine grass, so please someone give me feedback on that wonderful southern grass.

    The type of blades are huge to creating great stripes. To create good stripes, you must have suction or a vacuum effect under your mower. Some of the older, less powerful mowers are going to struggle with this. They are designed to just barely exit the clippings outside the deck. You will just have to experiment with your own mower. One thing that many of the commercial cutters have done, is started using ‘high lift’ blades. These are nothing more that blades that have a very dramatic tilt behind the cutting part of the blade that creates a huge amount of vacuum under the mower. In a minute we will discuss why this is important. I had a neighbor years ago that put high lift blades under his older, less powerful mower, still only mowed his yard once a week, and the mower would not cut the grass. It would bog down and not go for all the suction it was creating. He ended up putting regular blades back on until he bought a new mower. If this happens, you can cut the grass more often so the grass is not so thick.

    The type of mower does not affect the stripe at all most of the time. But the secret to the stripe is once you cut one straight line, you must immediately come back the opposite direction on the next row. What you are ultimately doing in laying the grass down in one direction, then coming back and laying the grass down in the other direction. Obviously a zero turn mower makes this process extremely easy, but even a regular mower can do this. Over the last couple of years, commercial mowers have become so powerful that the suction of the deck stood the grass straight up and would not lay it down. They created a roll bar attachment for under the mower that rolls on the ground and lays the grass down behind the mower. Dixie Chopper uses little chains to do the same thing. Ever seen that before?

    One last thing that is just been my personal experience. Once I stripe a yard, the angle of the sun can make a huge impact on how the stripe looks. That goes back to laying the grass down for the sun to see each stripe opposite. I can walk to the side of the yard where the sun is in front of me and the stripe is not there at all, then walk to the opposite side where the sun is behind me and I see a golf course. The more often I cut the grass, the better the lines look.

    If anyone has had some new revelations about the stripe or you have any questions, please write me and let’s discuss it.

    Happy Striping
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    Why did you post this? :confused: If you dont know how to stripe you should not be in the lawn buisness. :dizzy:

    Also why in the pic forum? IT should be in the mowing forum. :hammerhead::hammerhead:
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    Calm down guy.
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    That was Hilarious!!! But where do you guys get your flux capacitators, I couldn't find one anywhere.

    We need to start another thread like that!!!
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    I got my flux capacitor from some crazy old guy with a tricked out Delorian that lived in a cave.

    This looks like a great place to start. Who's first?
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    Stop stop stopplease I cant handle it any more im crying and my wife is looking at me funny ?? Man that last strip page got me rolling more then Jeff foxworty and thwm !!!
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    That was great. I hadn't seen that thread. Some great ideas for making stripes. We need to add it to the "You might be a lawn guy if" thread. "You might be a lawn guy if you spew diet coke all over your keyboard while reading various methods of making stripes."

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