HOW To Take-off and/or Replace a Peerless Transmission

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Frankie's Landscaping, May 16, 2008.

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    Hey guys,
    I have a 1998 Exmark Belt-Driven Walk Behind. It's been used commercially and now it only goes into 2 or 3 gears. I've read some posts and I think it might be the shifer key becasue the gears look clean. I have another tranny from my Bobcat im gunna put in place of the old one. I don't know how to get the pulley off the bottom and I have the top of the tranny off already. Any pics or instruction would be helpful. Thanks
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    hmmm before you swap these trannies they look the same from outside but watch out there are some differences like where the shifter is and some other things maybe the splines. Like I think the Exxie is 700-070 and I am sure the Scag is some other number, this crap makes a big difference thou I do know Toro uses the 700-070 as well and there are two or three out of the whole slew that are perfectly interchangeable.

    But since you have to pull the Exxie's tranny anyhow no matter, right.
    So what you do is there is usually a hex-bolt stuck in the side of the bottom pulley, that hex bolt needs to be loosened so it releases tension on the key... Then it should come right off but some wd-40 might be required, also be aware you'll likely need a new key, I think Napa sells key stock (then just cut to size, much cheaper this way).

    Oh and the bolt can be in there right good, I used a small piece of pipe to get leverage on the hex tool but be careful the stupid hex tools DO break! Wear goggles to make sure a small piece don't go flying in your eye if this should happen.
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    1: There is a "C" clip holding the bottom pulley on. Remove it. Then remove the pulley.
    2: Remove any electrical wiring.
    3: Remove the shifter.
    4: Remove the bolts holding the jackshaft bearings to the frame of the mower. Pull the jackshafts off of the tranny.
    5: Remove the 4 bolts holding the tranny to the frame.

    Installation is the opposite of removal.
  4. Frankie's Landscaping

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    thanks a lot guys

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