How to train, FAST?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by AzLawnMan, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Bru75

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    It's not brain surgery.
    Anybody with a decent amount of ability with tools should be able to follow a line on a paver if they're careful.
  2. all ferris

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    i give em a good eye effing and then cut away. sometimes it only takes 2 or 3 pavers to get it to fit right, but who cares...I'm not buying the material.

    this is what you will get without proper training and possibly some blood on the effed up better train them right
  3. DVS Hardscaper

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    I consider most of our jobs entail CRAFTSMANSHIP.

    It takes experience to install a base EFFICIENTLY and PROPERLY.

    Cutting pavers isn't rocket science. When you work with my fine company, thats what you do when you start - you cut pavers. Thats what laborers do.

    To go hire a bunch of heads an drop them off to install pavers without experience and to with time constraints is frightening from a professional, quality and organized stand point. No craftsmanship will exist. And in 3-5 yrs the quality will reflect.

    Over the years I bout seen it all on these forums.

    Last winter there was some guy out west that was pricing some gigantic retaining wall gig, with no man power or experience with a job of such a scope. He never followed up with photos, I guess he must be busy counting his millions that he was gonna make :)

  4. juststartin

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    I understand where you are coming from. I think it is great the guy landed the job especially now, but to pass up an opportunity like this now is suicide.

    There is a way to get it done and get it done right.

    I think 60 days is ample time to do the jobs. What about organizing your work force to complete the job with only 2 cutters? What about hiring extra laborers to help with other tasks and divide into 2 crews? and possibly leaving the cutters behind with laborers to do the final touches on a job while the other two crews jump to the next job?
  5. SVA_Concrete

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    could be suicide to take the job as well.
  6. STL Ponds and Waterfalls

    STL Ponds and Waterfalls LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Very true! Very true!
  7. juststartin

    juststartin LawnSite Senior Member
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    I doubt you would turn down the job. Just judging by some of the excellent work you have posted, I bet you would man up, organize and conquer.
  8. DVS Hardscaper

    DVS Hardscaper LawnSite Fanatic
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    Construction work is make or break you.

    You're either gonna walk away with money in your back pocket, or you're gonna walk away in debt.

    I doubt I would turn down the opportunity. But I'm gonna have my ducks in a row before I submit the proposal. I'm going to have a game plan in place.

    If you can do tile work, you can do paver work, and vice versa. BUT....tiles do not weigh as much as pavers! And tile work does not contend with mud, dirt, blazing sun, hills, slopes, etc :) And yes, I realize in AZ people do have tiles outside :)

    We have installed 3200 SF of 4x8 pavers in 6 days. Lotsa cutting. No aggregate base installation. No road or street to broom and shovel clean at the end of each day. 2 guys dropping pavers in the sand, 1 guy humping pavers all day long, and 1 guy doing nothing but cutting all day long. No one over 30.

    I'm sure all will work out for AZlawnman. The first 5-10 days is going to be a 3-ring circus, and I say that with no disrespect intended. Leavin him with 50-55 days to do the work.

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  9. STL Ponds and Waterfalls

    STL Ponds and Waterfalls LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I was referring to tile guy's doing the cutting. Plus tile can be a lot more heavier than paver's. 2x2 granite isn't light.:)
  10. mrusk

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    This is easy. All you need to do is hire two guys who can do coping. Find a mason that got laid off from a pool company or something.

    Then do everything assembly line. Have a crew doing just base. Then a crew who just lays, then have your two guys cut. This is the only way to do it. If you have 1 crew just do one task every single day they will get FAST at it.

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