How to train, FAST?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by AzLawnMan, Jan 26, 2011.

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    I agree with all above. It can be done... just have to wrap your mind around it.

    There is the financial aspect of the project as well. Lets say a total of 14,000 sq ft at an average of $15-20 a square ft? Lets use $20 with a 25% profit margin. Are you going to have to sit on 210k for 90 days(60 to complete and 30 to pay if your lucky)? Or are you getting paid after each house completion?
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    Huh! In AZ they're lucky to get $8 / sf
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    So we finished 2 pools already and I think we have got it down. I have two install crews, I send one to each of the jobs. They do everything except the coping cuts. I guess I should have made myself clear on the original post, my guys can cut the basic cuts, its the coping that I was worried about, seeing that it costs $5.68 a foot for the coping, I didnt want many mistakes with those pieces. Anyways, the install crews laid the pavers up to the coping then my cutters went in and cut the coping and another guy laid the coping while another supplied to pavers. Worked out pretty good. The next to pools on the other hand may take longer than these did, seen that these previous were the model homes and the next two already have people in them and they only have 34 inch gate access. So wheel-barrel time, the entry way curves about a 90 degree angle to the back yard so it would be diffilcult to get the bobcat back there. I will post pics first part of next week. After these last two weeks, Im gonna enjoy my 2 days off.
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    If you need help my brother in law would probably be happy to be on the receiving end of some subcontract work. He has a paver company and a couple of crews and works ridiculously cheap. Most of his work is in the N. Scottsdale area Desert Mountain, Silver Leaf, Troon, Estancia, Desert Highlands. Pretty high end work so I don't imagine quality would be an issue. Let me know if you want to sub any of it out I will put you in touch.

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