how to treat moss?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by l&slawncare1990, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. l&slawncare1990

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    I have a lawn that is really getting a lot of moss the entire rear is moss. I am planning to remove the moss, till the soil and bring in about 2 inches of topsoil. Seed and starter fertilize. Does this sound right. In the front, half is getting mossy. I plan to thatch, aerate seed and starter fertilize and 1 inch of top soil. Any suggestions would be great to treat moss and also if there is anything to keep it away. Thank you
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  3. l&slawncare1990

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    I will be tilling and applying lime all over will that help in general. I will also bring in top soil and spread grass seed like crazy to grow a thick tall grass. Drainage in the back is not great is pools due to the ground for some reason. But I will till and bring in new soil there as well. I just didnt know if there was a treatment I could do to keep it from growing.
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    You should try to fix the problem that is causing the moss. It will come back.

    If you can't do a proper drainage system, look into a "French drain." Perhaps that will take away some of the standing water.

    Correct you pH with lime and use feric sulphate, iron based moss killer. It will turn it
    black like oil. Rake it out. Use a quality lawn seed that grows in wet and shady environments.

    Personally, I wouldn't till the soil. You need to fix the reasons the moss is growing.

    Alternatively, Japanese Moss gardens are really popular right now!
  5. l&slawncare1990

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    ok thaks for the info. the area is under a lot of trees in the back. Very wet. I cant do much with drainage but. I will put lie down. and I will go to my feed store and get proper seed and treatments for the moss. So i should spread feric sulphate first. how long does that take to work and rake it out
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    There was an earlier post about moss...moss is environmental. All good suggestions above, but even if you remove moss and reseed, you'll get moss again. Cure shade by tree removal and any other drainage issues as posted above. You'll have moss again soon by just reseeding and not curing the environmental reason (water & shade).
  7. l&slawncare1990

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    as far as drainage goes in the front it gets mossy here and there but what am I supposed to cure drainage issues with.
  8. Smallaxe

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    Depending on what is happening with water, you can either raise the soil level with a sandy mix or dig a pool off to the side somewhere... You donot want topsoil with any clay whatsoever.

    You may have to consider growing something that is fitted to that environment, if you are not going to modify it...
    You could raise something like... moss.
  9. Dr.NewEarth

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    You could put down your lime and ferric sulphate at the same time, but seperately.
    The moss will be dark in a few hours.

    If you were to be fertilizing your lawn to make it greener, the lime depletes the nitrogen content in that type of fertilizer. In a case such as this, wait a week to ten days between liming and fertilizing.

    You're on the right track.

    Search for "French Drains" and see if that helps your front yard pooling.

    We could compare some aspects of landscaping to being a Doctor. They have to experiment with pill combinations and therapies some-times to see what works best for each patient
  10. l&slawncare1990

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    I went to my feed store today. I bought lime, a peletized treatment for moss and i bought Kentucky blue grass seed. The guy told me put the lime and moss treatment down as well as the seed and starter fert at the same time. In front I will aerate put like, moss treatment seed and starter fert and add a top coat of top soil/ compost. for the rear scrape moss, till and re do everything. Is this right. I just don't wanna do this wrong.

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