How to turn vegtable garden into grass

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by EasylyConfused, Apr 25, 2005.

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    There is a lady that want's me to take an old vegtable garden and turn it into a patch of grass. She moved into the house last year and the vegtable garden if full of weeds up to my shoulder. The former owner had it nicley mounded so it is not possible to cut with a mower. How would I go about doing this? Do I need to rototill the ground a couple times? or should I just spray the garden with roundup once it turns green. Pull the weeds, Rake it level, Roll it and plant seed?

    I don't have a rototiller but I am sure I can rent one from somewhere. To me rototilling won't kill the weeds and they will grow back up. She has a beautifully unkept lawn with no weeds anywhere but in the garden and around the edge of the garden.

    Also what are the advantages of sod over seed and vice versa? I've never layed sod before.

    The whole patch is approxamitly 10 x 20 feet at the most.
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    If the weeds are up to your shoulder in Canada then they must be old dead weeds from last year right? How big is the garden, if it isn't too big, pull the biggest weeds by hand/hoe/shovel and remove from the property, for this it will be nice to use a wheel barrell or garden trailer. If the garden is large till those weeds right in. Spraying won't do much cause if the weeds are from last year, they're dead/dormant and they've already gone to seed (the weed seeds are already in the dirt). I'm not licensed for chems, so this is what I would do (particularly if the garden is very small).

    1.) Remove stalks.
    2.) Till and rake.
    3.) Seed and straw. WAIT till the temps a consistently above freezing every night. This will probably be a few more weeks for you. I'm in NY State and still waiting.
    4.) Monitor for weeds and remove as they emerge.
    5.) Sell her a weed and fert program and sub it out.
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    I would just pull the weeds, level a little bit and sell her a sod laying job, and do it your self. 10x20 is very small from what sod laying im used to.

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