How to use a backhoe to make money

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    Thief drives through on backhoe, steals ATM
    Homestead police are looking for a brazen thief who used a stolen backhoe to lift and haul away a drive-through ATM from a Bank of America early Tuesday.

    The machine, a free-standing unit at the rear drive-through of the bank, 850 N. Homestead Blvd., was believed to contain about $100,000 cash, police said.

    ''I've seen some crazy stuff with ATMs and all, but I haven't seen this before,'' said police Capt. Ed Bowe.

    Surveillance video from the bank showed a four-door gold or tan Ford F-250 drive up to the ATM around 3:18 a.m., Bowe said. Four minutes later, a backhoe appears in the frame, with a man behind the wheel.

    ''[He] proceeds to use the backhoe to scoop up the ATM. And then the cameras go out,'' Bowe said.

    Because of the timing, police believe the Ford driver could be the backhoe driver, Bowe said. The bank is 1.2 miles from the Homestead police headquarters.

    Police found the abandoned backhoe -- still running -- at Northeast Eighth Avenue and 12th Street. It was stolen from the nearby South Dade Busway construction site, said Homestead spokeswoman Lillian Delgado.

    Detective Alvaro Zabaleta, a Miami-Dade police spokesman, said a series of similar ATM thefts-by-backhoe occurred in early-morning hours several months ago in North and South Miami-Dade.

    More recently, someone attempted to steal an ATM at a Western Union in the Gratigny area of Northwest Miami-Dade by tying a rope around the machine and trying to pull it away. The effort failed, but caused $5,300 in damage to the machine at the bank, 11834 NW 10th Ave.

    Police are asking anyone with information about the crimes to call 305-247-1535.

    this is classic....and the fact that its only a mile or so from the police station, even better....I'll bet the guy was scoping out the place for weeks to watch the police traffic and find out the best time for the grab-n-go....who needs a gun to rob a bank....
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    I used to be a vendor for a secured facility (defense contractor) in Phoenix. Security was pretty lax, until one morning when I could tell all the guards were freaked out. Over the weekend someone got into the facility, used a forklift to rip the ATM out of the credit union and loaded it on one of the company trucks. The best part was the security camera footage of the gate guard waving to the driver as he drove out with the ATM... uncovered, on the back of an F-350 flatbed. I guess having brass ones is better than brains, huh?
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    some times if you look like you know what you are doing, its easier than being sneaky...
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    this is been happening here for a while.....backhoes, fork lifts, bobcats, etc....all have been used in ATM jackings....
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    The thing I don't get is.... why don't these things have a mega dye pack hooked to a mercury switch? Seems like a no brainer:confused:
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    because it makes sense

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