How to use a cutting torch

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  1. vandrv

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    I just bought a used Harris cutting torch outfit and being a complete novice was wondering how to set the gas regulators and the procedure for getting the torch lit, the flame adjusted, and how to cut with it. If the basics are too hard to explain here could you point me to a good source of info on the web. Thanks for any ideas.
  2. Rob T

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    Depending on what tip size you have and what thickness your cutting your gas pressure settings should be as follows:

    Tip size 0
    Oxygen 25-30#
    Acetylene 3-5#
    Cutting Speed about 18-25 ipm

    Set your flame to neutral, a long blue flame with a light blue center flame.

    You'll have to do a little tweaking to get it where you want it. Only experience can teach you this.

    BTW, NEVER USE OIL ON THE OXYGEN REGULATOR OR ANY CONNECTIONS. Compressed Oxygen and oil will explode.
  3. ffemt1271

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    first light it up using the acetylene, then adjust the oxygen until you have a nice shaped blue flame at the tip. of course the thicker the metal you are cutting, you will have to turn up the gas and oxygen. as you are cutting if you will angle the flame end if the tip in the direction you are going, you will actually be pre-heating where you are about to cut, which will allow you to go a little faster.
  4. Arc Burn

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    If possible,head on down to a Welding sales store,they have tons of literature and a couple torch manuf have their own manual/guides that you can pick up for free.

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    always clean the tip
  6. herkfe

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    Check with your local community/technical colleges. Many have welding/cutting/fabrication intro and full courses available for a great price. Gets the basics and most importantly SAFETY covered.

    And if you are lucky, you get someone that really knows what they are doing and can show you some great techniques. I took a few courses years ago...back in the old "stick welding" days and learned a lot. Was worth the 4 hours, one night a week, for 4 weeks.

    Anyway, be careful!! :D
  7. Rob T

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    When cutting you do not need the acetalene. Acetalene is really just a pre-heat to get the oxygen to burn the metal. The oxygen is really what is cutting the metal.

    Try this: get a cut going on a peice of scrap and carefuly shut off the acetalene. If your good :) you can keep cutting the metal with just the oxygen.

    Cool huh?

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    nice tip
  9. you can also use propane instead if acetelene, it just does`nt give as clean of cut.
  10. vipermanz

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    propane and acetylene both use a cga-510 connection, that makes them interchangeable:) :blob2:

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