How to use a double door enclosed trailer - not a ramp

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Duron22, Sep 5, 2004.

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    If you have found a good deal on a double door trailer and conserned about putting in a permanent ramp read this:

    My cousin has a landcaping business in KS. My dad was down there for a week and ended up helping him find a good price on an enclosed trailor. The best buy he could get was one with two doors, and no ramp. Well geeze did my dad have a good idea!

    He built a second floor over the existing floor (he calls it a flase floor). He put 2x2's around the permiter of the trailor and one in the middle. Then put plywood over it so that the tractor could be driven over it. He put four 2x6" that were 8' long into the flase floor. So he could pull the ramps out, adjust the width of the boards to the tractor and roll out. The only problem was that they would slip out and weren't very secure from going too far into the tralior, so they put a stopper at the end of the 8' boards and raised the elevated floor. They screwed screws to use as stoppers at the end of the 2x6's.. then put a 1x1" board screwed to the top of the false floor so that the board can slide out but cannot slide all the way out (the screws stop it)

    Another problem... my cousin called my dad and told him that the mowers had a hard time getting up the ramp... so he told him to screw shims (more square then flat) accross the boards to give the mowers traction.

    This sounds complicated but it really did work good and all the landscapers around that he associates with love the idea. I know this sounds like an off the subj. thing but you all help eachother out so much this is my way of helping you out i guess.... let me know if i didnt explain something right or have any questions/comments! thanks for viewing
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    They also make a ramp that mounts outside the double doors and folds down. Some horse trailers have it and the idea came over to the enclosed trailers as well. They work great but the only down fall is you have to put the ramp down to open on of the double doors, not a problem if you've got a side door on the trailer. Last time I looked into one I think it was about $400 from the trailer dealer.

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