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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Orkin Yards, Sep 12, 2002.

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    well i recently recieved my wheel dresser from jthomas to go with my rbg blade grinder which has the red wheel, i'm not to sure what i'm suppose to do with the wheel dresser so some direction would be nice, also what wheel would everyone recomend that i use on that grinder? it does the job but i think that there is something better it just doesn't seem to get them razor sharp like i had hoped....and its a little more difficult to use than i had expected....thanks in advance
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    Wheel dressers are moved slowly with light pressure across the face of the stone. Dressers do two things: 1. Flattens and realigns the stone's surface. 2. Removes a small amount of the surface to get rid of any built up material. DO NOT USE STONE FOR NON-FEROUS METALS! Stone will load up and possibly explode. Not a pretty sight. Saw this happen once.
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    I have the Pro model (2181-P) made by Walls. It came with the ceramic wheel and is very hard. It was strongly suggested that I also purchase the diamond dresser. Is this the kind of dresser that you have? The dresser that I have has a diamond mounted in a "stick" (steel) and it is mounted in a metal base that rest on the grinder itself. All my blades are made for a right hand discharge (as sitting on the mower).

    This is what I do........ With the grinder switch turned to the left and the wheel turning INTO the blade which is sharpened on the left of the grinder; I run the dresser on the RIGHT hand side of the grinder. Place the dresser on the grinder and adjust the diamond up to the wheel to where they barely touch. Rotate the wheel by hand at first to see that you aren't in a low spot. After this turn the grinder to dress the wheel. Be very careful not to jam the dresser into the wheel too hard. Just apply very little pressure at first, you can break the diamond or knock it out!

    The ceramic wheel is very hard and will last many years. Mine was out of round and took a good while to dress down the high spots to where the whole wheel surface was cutting the blades. This made it cut faster and smother.
    Hope you can understand this.

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