How to wear eye protection and headphones

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by recycledsole, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. recycledsole

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    Hey guys, I have a hard time fitting glasses under headphones. I know a lot of guys use ear plugs and sun glasses, but I don't like ear plugs. especially once they get dirty and go in my ear... Are there any ways to get sunglasses around your head while wearing headphones?
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    Glasses with plastic temples will have issues with the seal on earmuffs. I wear prescription sunglasses, and don't have that issue, but I hear your pain. I can't think of much you can do. If the glasses break the ear cup seal, that's game over.

    There are other ear plug options though. Since you don't mind wearing something with a band, you don't need to use the plugs you roll up and insert. Plugs with a clip don't go as far into your ear. There are ones that are just round, and pretty much sit on the surface (they don't block as much noise, but it may still be enough). Or you can get custom molded plugs that are easy to wash.
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    Radians ear putty.....
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  4. recycledsole

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    thanks for your responses. the only thing I can think of is a type of sunglasses that has a elastic type band and doesn't go around the ear. more like goggles. I hope I don't look too crazy. I want those yellow or rose tinted glasses too :)
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    The cheap safety glasses from Harbor Freight work well. The ear pieces are flat and slide right under the muff. They come tinted and clear. Been using them for years.
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    I use my buds that came with the iphone, never dirtier than the absorbant foam around your sweaty head lol!
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    lol what kind of earphones you using a gaming headset?

    I use these earbud for phone listen to music never miss a call if I want to answer it been slammed with spammers and some stupid groundguys franchise that will not stop harrASSing me.

    $6.31 great sound multiple size rubber buds for ear fits
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    Stihl makes some safety goggles that can have an elastic strap that can fit over headphones, plus they are really good about keeping dirt out of your eyes while mowing. They have shaded and clear and are relatively minimal in size and wait

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