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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lilbuddy, Mar 23, 2002.

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    Please help?? I am having trouble writing a contract for our company. I need to bid on a apartment complex that has 10 buildings total, there is no landscaping involved just trimming and edging of the lawn. What should I say for a seasonal cut? Should I tell them how much I will charge by the month, week or the whole season? I would be cutting from April 1 - Nov 10 (32 weeks). I am dumb founded on what all will be needed to be included in the contract. Also what do I say to sell myself to apartment complex clients? I was wondering will the contract be the same for a restuarant that wants me to mow this whole season? Are there any sites I can go to that will show me a sample contract for our industry? Help???:confused: Thank you.

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    There are many templates out there. I think lawnsite has a bunch of various ones for sale. Check with Chuck.
    As fas as the specifics, you may want to simply ask them how they want it priced, per cut or total per year for example ($ x 30 cuts). They may want trash pickup as well. Most larger businesses just want a total per year # for easy comparison to the other bids on the table. Good luck.
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