how to write out a commercial bid?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by ryan cooper, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. ryan cooper

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    i had a costumer this summer tell me that he is a in charege of a big apartment complex project and that he was looking for someone to knock down all the trees and level the grade he wants trees and stumps out.i went to the site and he showed me around ,there are probably about 200 trees from cedar,pine,oak,maple..about 11,000. worth of lumber. how should i go about giving the estimate and what kind of insurance would i need,bonded??please help any information would be highly appreciated.

    thanks, rc :help: :D
  2. ryan cooper

    ryan cooper LawnSite Member
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    and what kind of equipment?????i have some ideas but your input would be helpful
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    Sub at least the tree work to a licensed urban forestry outfit. They have the proper and safe equipment to fell the trees and remove stumps. If you have the equipment (skid loader, tracked version if its wet) you can set the final grade. This is fairly typical of jobs we do. Our sub for tree work charges a "day rate" of $1800.00 for in state/non island jobs. This includs 2 bucket trucks, 2 track loaders (one grapple, one bucket), 18" chipper and 4 man crew. You will be shocked if you add tree removal to your landscape insurance policy.

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