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Would love to know what are some ways to get into the commercial lawn care side of the biz. Do companies put their work up for bid in the paper or do I have to go to different buisenses and see what I can find out. Any help would be appreciated.

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I have found that commercial is a bit tougher to get into. They sometime request bids from LCO, but a lot of the time around here it seems that you know someone who puts you in touch with the manager of the property. Most properties around have management groups who run the maintenances of a commercial property. They are the ones that put out the bid. If you are interested in a property then contact them and ask who to send a bid to, or who to request a bid package from. A lot of those bids are awarded in the fall, like Nov. - Dec area. If you advertise they may call you. Only have a little bit of info on it, hope I helped, and if someone wants to correct what I have said please do so.


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Central NY
I do a lot of commercial plowing in the winter and my father always told me "the one who has his foot in his mouth falls over and loses out" therefore you can never ask too much...just go to the place and ask for the manager and ask them where to send a bid for whatever your doing....if they say give it to them....Don't......ask for the address and name of person at there main head quarters who handles the bids becuase it might get lost if you give it to the manager and always send in another copy if you here no reply or call and confirm they got it. Hope this helps.