How was your Monday. I got smashed!

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by rippinryno, Oct 8, 2019.

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    Maybe but I’ve seen numerous videos that were the difference in he said/she said accidents. I’ve also seen a few that proved policemen wrong on traffic stops.
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    Wow that was not my experience at all. Now it's been awhile now so my memorymay be off some but when I bought back my totaled car it was for a few hundred bucks. Guy said at this point insurance wants the amount they would get from the scrap metal yard. It's not like they get a lot when they auction them off. Title never even changed hands on it.
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    Sorry to see this Ryno.
    Thankfully nobody hurt,
    Hopfully your agent can get you rolling and rippin asap.
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    Maybe different by state. Not sure. The salvage value was $1800 which surprised me. Id have to sign the title over to the insurance company. title would turn into a salvage title. To get it back on the road with a new title, it would go through state inspection.
  5. Mark Stark

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    I had a simillar experience to this. The thing that held me back was dealing with the special state inspection. We have a yearly inspection already in NY but the inspection and certification for a newly salvaged vehicle here is apparently a hassle. Looking back I wish I did it though...this was a Bronco II that I really liked!
  6. OP

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    Dealing with her insurance agent and adjuster. I'm hoping they do too. I know the company and have a buddy who has an office under the same company so if I'm ever in any bit of a situation I will call him directly to determine that they are covering me as they should be.

    I will follow up today once I speak with the adjuster, he is arriving at 8:30 this morning. Really hope I can pull those mowers out of the trailer and get the ball rolling on this. I won't take lowball cash offers for the damage on the mowers, I think it best that insist they be inspected by a dealer if they chose not replace them entirely.

    Concerning the truck, a buyback is an option, however without having the frame fixed i would never be able to tow with it again, it would essentially become a basic truck with no tow package. I dont' have a use for that, and I would not pay much to buy it back in this event. I just hope they don't offer me $1500 value of the truck, no way can i buy a truck like this for anything less than $4000 around here, and even that is a huge stretch.
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  7. OP

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    They estimate truck repairs at $1650, includes 8 hour frame labor, new hitch, receiver, etc. guy left me a check and said have the shop call them for any additional costs.

    The trailer he said is most likely totalled. It's up to me to haul that thing to the trailer yard, have them verify that, and then find a replacement and bill insurance.

    The mowers are something else. Guy says the hustler just has a rear heat shroud issue, i told him it could be deeper than that concerning hydro's, frame, bolts that mount to the frame etc. He has asked me to take it to a hustler dealer and have them communicate with insurance for the repair cost.

    The wright is the same way, but i have no wright dealer with me, he thinks it's just the casters and the rear wheelie bars. It is also up to me to take that to a shop, they prefer the same shop, to have it estimated for repair.

    What a mess. I have called the claims agent and left a message to determine if I will be compensated for my loss of time, work, income, etc. On top of that, the cost for me to use my personal vehicle and backup trailer to haul these mowers to the proper shops. I am going to inquire about pricing and repairing the wright myself, although I doubt they will do that, I can price out the rear wheels which are a part of the wheel well assembly, both of those, and the front castors. I doubt they will want me to do that work myself so more than likely i'm driving this an hour away to a wright dealer.
  8. BigJlittleC

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    From your pictures it does seem like a lot of damage to the machines. Sounds like they are trying to get you whole. But you might be out a bit of time.

    You should be able to be recover for your time lost. Keep pushing.
  9. hal

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    Ask them about machine rental so you can keep working.
  10. OP

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    Soundsl ike they will let me repair the wright stander, currently pricing out parts and hourly to replace those back areas. and front castors. this is all assuming the thing is ok once i get it out of the trailer. i may need jaws of life to get the door off trailer.

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