How was your monday

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Dirty Water, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. Dirty Water

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    So, I have a job that is about a 50 minute drive away from the shop, I get out early and find that our 410 has a flat tire. So I tow it to a local tire co (Les Schwab) and have to wait 2 hours before its fixed (Only tire co close by).

    Then I get out to my job, and find that the tire is flat again.

    So...How was your monday?
  2. bicmudpuppy

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    Ya know, I smiled when I saw the thread. It was MONDAY here too. Promises to be just as much fun tomorrow. Maybe I'll get some of what was supposed to happen today done tomorrow.......Maybe :dizzy:

    On the same note, for those of you running your own shows, how many hours do you think you average to get a "40 hour" work week in? By that I mean a reasonable stab at 40 job productive hours.
  3. DGI

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    Took a crew out to do a job that had been verbally agreed upon, contract in hand, to go install 2 zones in plant beds that required lots of hand digging and 2 bores. When I got there, the homeowner began to tell me that he and his wife had discussed it and they couldn't afford it. Instead he wanted me to install pipes for what would be water spigots that he was going to install, off of the mainline, controlled by 2 valves still. The contract had our verbal price of $1650 for 17 6/12" mists, including the 2 valves, 2 bores, plowing across the lawn from the valves, and running another wire to the controller (not far.) He wanted me to deduct $75 per head I wasn't installing (all) and do the job for $375. I was going to just leave, but then he became reasonable. We settled for "half." We busted it out and I got a check for $825, pipes sticking up in the air. Just under 3 hours start to finish with myself and 3 helpers.

    Today I drove by and saw a "scrubby" lawn trailer parked out front, and then noticed a couple of guys out on big shovels digging in the beds. :p I wonder how much he saved?
  4. Dirty Water

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    I'll never understand why so many homeowners ask for faucets on a solinoid valve.

    99% of them end up leaving either the solinoid valve always open, or the faucet always open.
  5. turfman59

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    Pulled 1400 ft of pipe installed 28 heads wired timer,PVB, nozzled, rain click, set system for 1.45 inches of precip per week. left with a check for 2550.00 Home buy 4:30 pm. At the local lodge buy 5:30 sucking down a cold beer.
  6. Dirty Water

    Dirty Water LawnSite Fanatic
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    How big is your army? What kinda of soil.

    Thats good progress for a day.

    I feel good if I do 20 heads solo in one day, Pulling, not trenching.
  7. turfman59

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    3 people counting myself
    Brian is 18 and has been with me 3 years
    Axie is a 19 year old girl and has done irrigation now 2 years.

    they all know how to figure precip rates, do flow calculations. layout, and can communicate to customers effectively and know when to defer certain issues to me.

    My customer profile is usually the senior citizen crowd (55 and up) and are very amazed with my organizations work ethic and motivation.

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