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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grass4gas, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. grass4gas

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    Did you do better, worse or about the same as last season?

    Looks like I did about 15% above last year. I did up my prices on some customers that were somewhat on the low side, but the majority did not get an increase. I will probably only raise a few this year as well, but not all.

    I think the biggest reason for the increase was from all the lawn renovations this year compared to last year.

    As this year ends and we all get ready for 2011, any of you plan on doing anything different or just stick to what worked for you this year?

    One thing I might try to do is invoice at the time of service. I know some of you do just that and it seems to work. Right now, I bill at the end of each month for work that was done...been doing it that way for years and does work, just alot of desk time at the end of each month. So we'll see.
  2. fireman gus

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    My season started about the same but when my son started working with me he wanted to increase our clientle so he began to contact people and we increased about 10%. For the new year we plan to do soil sterilization. We leave statements at the door when we do the work (spray and fertilize clients). For mowing clientle we bill at the end of the month for work done. This has worked well for us.
  3. Springmeadows

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    I did about 30% of what I did last year. Good bye 2010, I won't miss you.
  4. rcreech

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    Totally awesome would be an understatement!

    We had about 23% customer growth not counting all the sub work we did with almost no marketing at all.

    Gross sales were 38% higher then 2009.

    If we can even stay constant in 2011 I will be happy...but I see continued growth.

    Good work and quality products is all it takes. Glad my competitors can't figure that out!

  5. Lefet

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    First season overall wasn't bad. Expecting a much better one next year.
    Wouldn't mind borrowing fireman gus' son for a month or so!
  6. rcreech

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    Am I reading this correctly?

    You lost 70% of your gross sales from 2009?
  7. americanlawn

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    I figured you had good numbers this year, but your 2010 numbers are AWESOME! Congratulations Rod -- keep up the hard work. Larry :usflag:

    I started our business in 1990, but our most profitable year was 2009. This year, we increased our "spray production" by 13% (not bad for an "old" company with lots of competition) I expect even more profit from the 2010 season, but won't know for a couple weeks how much in "management fees" (bonus) the wife & I will earn, but it looks better than '09.

    I never factor in snow removal, mowing, aeration, etc cuz those vary year to year. Plus....those services are not sought after when one is considering selling a business.

    I might also add that we started ten days later than normal, and finished the season one week early in 2010. We added an additional truck/ employee/ T3000 to help accomplish this.

    Question: What do you guys do with extra (above & beyond) profits?

    1) Keep it for yourself?

    2) Reinvest it in your business?

    3) Other.....?

    rscvp, thanks

  8. WorldsStrongestLandscaper

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    We were down 60% from landscaping/hardscaping,but up 300% for maitenace/fert,but this is because we took our focus off landscaping,as did our customers and went lower$ on the services. I'm gonna crush the competition this year and Pillage all the Newbies !!!. If ur in my area ,there's gonna b a wake up call, we'll have paid off the entire monster loan from 04' in March and all of our equip is in perfect shape! We don't need the $ as much as we did all those yrs so that means were doing pretty much everything so low and cheap u'll think we just crossed the border! With our expertise ,craftsmanship,5 year warranties on hardscape, eargerness,and reputation for excellence,we're gonna take everyone of your accounts , including your mothers and grandma's. I'm not kidding, Here we come, so steer clear 2011 is our YEAR!!! Merry xmass , off to dream of the 20"+ of snow comming tomorrow and seeing all the newbies stuck off the side of driveways for plowing only once!Suckers ,never seen a storm like this since they were 10 yrs old, they're gonna crap themselves!Sorry boys+ girls better luck next time! Sorry for the rant, kinda pissed at newbies today!!!BIG STEVE B CT STRENGTH WSL
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  9. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    God blessed my business and myself to the tune of 45% growth in Gross Sales vs 2009.
    Now keep in mind, I am a solo op...but still.
    All the thanks to God for the wonderful year. I look forward to 2011.
  10. Patriot Services

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    I tried pre-billing on new accounts this year. Very limited success is all I will say. Scrubs, hacks, thieves and outright frauds have ruined this business for a long time in this regard. Seems like every customer I talk to has a horror story. I have gone with 15th of the serviced month billing. I explain it to my customers as meeting them half way. It has worked well in gaining the trust and understanding to get the prices I want.
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