How was your year


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Lets hear from some of the new guys that jumped into lawncare in 2000.
I should have started in 2000, I didnt want to quit my job as blacktop foreman, and not enough hours in the day to mow part time. I am thinking of starting spring 2001 except I dont want to have to look back and regret it.
Do you have any regrets, did you guys do better in lawncare than your other job. How many accounts did you start and end with.


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Rdh, I started in 1999. We moved from outside of Cincinnati about 2 1/2 yrs ago. We were both on our jobs about 20 yrs. We came down here with no jobs. I started my lawn care business and have not had any regrets. The only time I look back is to try to figure out why I did not do this sooner. I have 6 comm accts and a handful of res. I work solo, for good reasons. My wife also has a good job now. So far so good. Like Garth Books says in his song "The River", "don't sit upon the shoreline and say your satisfied,choose to chance the rapids and dare to dance the tide"


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started in the beginning of 99 and i have over 60 accounts,best decision i ever made,was able to buy a 2001 f-250 4x4 powerstroke crewcab loaded a month ago-that ought to say how well i did.i can't wait till march.don't be scared to take a chance-the only way it will work is if you give it a try.

Pauls Mowing

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Sioux Falls, SD
We got going late '00. We are more in the brush and weed end of things, but also service residential and commercial. This year looks much brighter. I certainly have no regrets. This is a part time operation for my wife and I, and is working out well. If my day job could produce what the part time is capable of doing, I'd be happy. I have promotions comming and I won't give up my railroad retirement.



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North Alabama
Started in Feb. 2000 and don't regret it one bit. Things are going better than I ever thought. The work is very satisfying and the pay is good. Best of all, I am my own boss. Set your personal goals and do whatever it takes to achieve them. You won't be sorry.


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thank you glad to hear from you and you guys make
me wish i had start in 2000.
i would have not done as well as you all(didnt know about
this lawnsite)until resently .
i do blacktop (hate it)but it put food on the tabel
im laid off now do to weather until march
thats when i plan on going on my own every thing i have
will be paid for so if i starve i cant blame it on no one
but me .im sure i can do it i would enjoy the challenge
man i sure like this
im going to plant flower in those blacktop boots.


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In August, I bought a maintenance route - 85 accts - have about 80 of those - added another dozen. Grossing $7500/mo. Net? that is less! But this is what we do for love, not money, right??!

Actually, this has been an incredible experience - I would not hesitate to repeat. Just wish I had not trashed my dream of being in landscaping when I was 20...

This coming year, I plan to: get my Pesticide Applicators license, work towards getting my C-27 Landscape Contractor's license, learn better Spanish, and increase my gross to $10k/mo., and get insured & bonded.