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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by ETM, May 15, 2014.

  1. ETM

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    We did the site on our own. Im looking for all feedback good and bad. I like to keep things simple so this is what we came up with. We are adding the facebook, instagram, pintrist and twitter logo soon. Looking for a better ranking in google, bing etc. Thanks for your response.
  2. southerntide

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    I personally would ditch the Paypal method of payment, you could have 100's or more tied up in disputes for weeks/months over people trying to rip you off after you complete services.

    Are you using something out of CPanel as your site's CMS?

    I would recommend Wordpress for best SEO results.
  3. Jobber

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    Navigation is good and simple and the amount of content on each pages is descriptive.

    Contact us button and the phone number also stand out which is good to drive people to reach you.

    I tried looking at the page source but since its made by a page builder its kinda hard to go through it. They probably make them good for ranking on search engine right out of the box.

  4. Ben Bowen

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    Not to derail the thread.... but we run a couple $100K a year through Paypal, for maintenance, design, and installation. I have never had a dispute. Every once in a while Paypal will flag a payment and hold it for 12-24 hours. That's it.
  5. Ben Bowen

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    Simple is fine. Basics are great. Unfortunately you are missing some basics. Have you read Google or Moz's SEO beginner's guide? If not, you definitely should!

    For example- you are missing the canonical tag. This means you actually have 2 sites, www and non-www.

    Title tags are really important. Yours needs work. You have no H1 tag.

    I would say slow down on the social integration and really focus on the nuts and bolts of your site. Read and apply as much as you can on "Local SEO"- Google it :)

    Also- did you buy your domain name? It has a lot of links for a new site...
  6. ETM

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    from Georgia
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    Ive never had money held up with paypal. Yes we have had the domain for 7/8 yrs and now getting into the service side of business. For yrs we worked for builders and now we are doing fert/weed control and some mowing. Trying to grow the fert side and ditch mowing. We are clueless as far as web building goes and what goes with it. I will start learning tonight.
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  7. greg8872

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    My first impression: "Turf Green", that is what stands out in the logo. Probably due to the black text being over dark green. Over a brighter background, would probably be more readable.

    Agree with Headz comments so won't repeat them here.

    You are using a site builder, so not much you can do, but there are many validation issues with the code behind your site, just makes more overhead to keep browsers from displaying the page as fast as possible.

    You are using images that are larger than what you are displaying them at, which means the end user has to download more data than they need to. (example from your services page: )

    The Online payments page, besides the fact that the template doesn't handle well pages that do not fill up a browser window vertically (I'm on a 1050 screen here), the link for making paypal payments just takes you to the paypal home page. In looking at other pages you have on the site such as I see on that page you do know how to take it straight to checkout, so I would get that on the newer pages as well.

    Speaking of the older pages, are you still intending on them remaining? If so, there are some that have missing images, etc. Also, keep in mind that people from all over can access your site, so on the older pages, the "Servicing Your Area" isn't such a good idea for something that is viewable world wide.

    On your services page, you should aim for a uniform look, not different size/types of fonts. Again, may be a limitation by the Yahoo builder, but you are artificially building headers within your paragraphs ("When do I need to aerate?") when you should be using proper heading tags for this. Using proper tags for the content being displayed helps improves search engines indexing your site.

    Another visual here, but keeps standing out each time I see it, the font used for "Contact Us" on the right column of the home page, just not a good choice.

    Overall, for better SEO you really need to build the site up with good original content. The big trick with SEO is getting a good balance of text designed for humans with text designed for keywords. Original content is important too. Have pages specific for each of your main services, so that you can build them out with good content for those keywords.

    A lot of people don't think about it, but your 404 page does not help people get back to finding content on your page. I know to people who work for a company that Google outsources to for people to manually visit sites, and along with speed, one thing they are to check is 404 pages.

    You mentioned in your last post that you will be looking into learning web building. Keep in mind there are tons of guides out there, some good, some bad. If you are looking for ones for doing a site from scratch, make sure they are teaching HTML 5. If you decide to go the route of WordPress, this is something that can be done very right, or very wrong.

    While I haven't used it myself, I have heard people talk well of for learning. (Myself, I have access to and so don't venture to the free resources too much)
  8. PaperCutter

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    Writing copy is a balance between saying just enough and saying too much. That said, the bottom of your home page is a HUGE sales opportunity. Let's say I'm Joe Homeowner and I know nothing besides what the guy with the fake Scottish accent on tv tells me is good for my yard. You say "7 treatments per year; Not 8 or 12 like our competitors!" I read that and go "wait, they're proud of providing LESS service? *click*"

    Please please PLEASE take it to the next step and add something like "click here to find out why fewer apps are better for you lawn - and your wallet". Then that takes you to a new page, where you have great content (good for reader and search engines) all about how your company rocks and is thoughtful etc etc.

    Visually it's not a real appealing site. Have you looked at Squarespace? That's a pretty easy DIY site builder that I think looks a lot better.
  9. tonygreek

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    Completely agree. A top search rank doesn't just close sales. Your site has to engage and help that process along. As it currently exists, it's a very dated, not mobile-friendly site that I don't see complimenting your sales process.

    I agree with all of the other advice, including those who have zero problem with Paypal. Similar to Headz, I run low to mid six figures through Paypal alone. Only time I've ever had an issue with Paypal's transactions is when buying on eBay, and that was years ago (buy nothing but tech related gear, then you buy a Ping Driver, and damned if you don't trigger a billion red flags. lol). Used as a payment processor for business, I can't recall every having a problem. While I truly hate the company, it's a necessary evil that I allow as a secondary payment method (until last Fall, it was the primary). Primary credit card preference is now via Stripe's API.
  10. PaperCutter

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    I just switched to a credit card processing co because now that I'm selling outdoor kitchens and appliances to contractors and homeowners, Square's 3.5+% on non-swipe transactions was eating me alive. My rates are way better and I particularly like that if someone pays me with a check card, the system picks that up and I pay <1%. It's all going to be through a single-page payment portal on my site. Because I needed to push my site redesign back another week.

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