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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by ETM, May 15, 2014.

  1. n2h20

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    I agree with Tony..
    My site it a wordpres Genesis themed site and it is super easy to edit text and add pictures
  2. ETM

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    We got alot figured out yesterday. I think we just have to try and work on it everyday.
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  3. TTS

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    It takes some time and effort to learn but its worth it. I read a few books and a bunch of websites and watched YouTube videos to learn WordPress but I'm now getting comfortable editing css sheets and such myself. I would recommend reading the moz SEO guide first though. I built the site then started reading about SEO and I would have been better off if I designed it for SEO in the first place.
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  4. Inspira

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    The Wordpress Yoast SEO Plugin will do an excellent job at getting things set up the right way regarding SEO, by the way. It should be the first plugin you install once you get Wordpress running. The default settings all work out of the box. Just add relevant content and you'll be on your way.

    I tell every one of my clients to not get caught up in SEO. Create quality content, engage with followers on social media, and the traffic will come. For services like the ones you guys provide, it's important your Google/Bing/etc map listings are updated. Reviews on sites like Yelp or Angie's List, etc. are also huge boosts.

    Things like back-link exchanges, at least in my experience, are very rarely successful and not worth the time or money involved.
  5. TTS

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    I was under the impression that with some of the premium themes that have some sort of SEO built in yoast can make it worse
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  6. Inspira

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    I guess there's always the chance things could conflict, but if that were the case I personally would choose Yoast over any baked-in SEO stuff. Avoid themes that try to do too much, they never do it all very well. You'll run into problems when plugins or Wordpress Core gets updated and legacy things break - and themes are inevitably customized to your site, so they're a pain to upgrade.

    At the end of the day, good SEO is really just clean code structured in a way Google prefers. XML Sitemaps submitted, META tags - Twitter Cards and Open Graph stuff, etc.

    I like the way Yoast allows you to specify target keywords, then analyzes your page as you type, to give you an idea if you're on the right track. Because again, once you get the stuff I mentioned above straightened out, it's all about the content.
  7. southerntide

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    Yoast is crap man
  8. whiffyspark

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  9. Ben Bowen

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    Yoast's usefulness is in the first phase that all truth goes through...
  10. tonygreek

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    This is mind-numbingly stupid.
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