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Hey gang, first time on so bear with me if you would. Got in to the business about 4 years ago with my wife as an LCO on the maintenance end of things, with just a bit of mowing. Now things are starting to take off a little more so it looks like I'll be taking over most of the mowing and leaving the maintenance to her and her crew of three.
As women in this business go, she can probably work as hard if not harder than a lot of men I know. We're both in our late 40's, yeah I know whay are we doing this at our age :confused: . Well, we just love the outdoors, getting to know the plants. and taking care of the clients. Found out we were really good at it and well, after a prod or two from our friend at a local garden center, the rest is history. See a lot of good advice on several topics, so I'll probably lay back for a while and maybe put in my two cents every now and then. Keep up the great site. :waving:

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