how well do the flyers and door hangers really do?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by goinggreen123, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. 2stroked

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    Flyers have a really low success rate, maybe 2 or 3 %. Still I allways make my money back on them.

    BROWNS LAWN CARE LawnSite Senior Member
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    is 2% or 3% average return for all?

    just curious... being solo and basically part-time with 17 accts, flyers could easily more than double the size of my company and let me work at it full-time...

    even one percent on 2000 mailings could land 20 new potential long term clients.
  3. Clay Sink

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    I have been passing out flyers relating to the fall plugging, fert. reseeding thing. I stick them in between the door and weatherstriping or just under the door map so they don't blow away. I don't knock on the door, maybe old fashioned, but I consider it rude to disturb someone after a long day at work, just so I can pitch my services. So far getting 2-3% call rate.
  4. 123hotdog

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    Best of luck. I have put out tons and tons of marketing material. Only thing that ever came my way was dead beats that didn't want to pay. That is in six years of doing it. Be patient, do good work, offer great incentives for the customers you do get to refer you to more people. People usually don't refer dead beats. I even gave friends and family a $50 bonus to find me a lawn in the beginning (they only got the $50 after I was paid for one full month of service).
  5. crosel

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    Well for me (in Puerto Rico) they have worked pretty well. I am currently part-time and excluding one account that is from a family member all of my accounts came from flyers. I only handed out about 500 flyers total and I received calls up to 6 months later. In my experience it is best to hand out flyers after it has rained and grass is in all out growing mode and always in selected neighborhoods so your operational costs are low. Almost 100% of calls resulted in clients that I still have 2.5 years later. I have been pretty lucky with clients with only 1 being a late payer by about 2 weeks.

    Though this isn't the only advertising method I will use (now and in the future), I will continue using it because the price per 1.3k flyers is around $10(black/white, 4 flyers per page and with an imprint service I know) so with just one account I can recover the costs.

    Knocking door to door to promote services would get me a wtf-is-wrong-with-you look, would be taken seriously as a nuisance(residential) and possibly a way of telling them to get off their asses and do their lawn.
  6. Chilehead

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    Almost all municipalities around Atlanta require one. The same was true when I lived in Cleveland, OH. 'Tis better to be safe than sorry.
  7. zippy-phil

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    Nice read. We have been just handing out flyers and door knocking. Yesterday we got our first stiff, all was not lost that day because we knocked on someones house that needed a mow and he said yes to service every 2 weeks @ $50. We then asked 2 of his neighbors and 1 said yes to service starting next week and doing it monthly as her landlord takes care of it 50% of the time and the tenant covering the other 50% of the time. I am going to find out who the landlord is and just ask him if he wants to use us 100% of the time.

  8. spitfire3416

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    I passed out 4,000 door hangers in the beginning of the season and picked up about 18 from that. I honestly think just placing them on the door is the best way to go. Takes too much time to knock individually and most people just find it harassing. Take a look at they have decent door hangers that are, well.. cheap haha. They get the job done though. Hire a couple high school kids to walk around and do it for you if you really want to get them out in the masses. I plan on passing out 20,000 next spring..
  9. recycledsole

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    can one of you please tell me how to get the flyers mailed at the post office?
    thank you so much
  10. Adeas Printing

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    I'm not 100% sure what cheap door charge but i know we have a few specials that are pretty competitive on the pricing. Right now we have a special for 1,000 for $99, its the 4.25x11 size and is in full color on the front. It comes with the band-it feature and also comes with either free design or free shipping depending on which one you need.
    As for the direct mail, we do that as well. We can help you select an area you are wanting to target and help you obtain that list and we can do the printing, addressing, adding the postage and doing the mailing. So not much work on your end with those.
    If anyone would like more info or pricing let me know. Our website is My name is Glenda and you can reach me at 1-866-778-4254 or my email is

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