How wet is too wet??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lostmdboy, Sep 14, 2008.

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    Have not been around much, but by the time I sit down I guess not much in the mood to think about MO Grass :hammerhead: Any way what do you guys think. Last thurse I was mowing in the morning, and the grass was wet. It had rained the evening before, and I figured it as a Heavy Dew. I had started mowing, and this Pita custimer (always has a couple extra things she wants done no extra $$, and treats me like sh@T) comes out and says " the Book" says you should not mow when wet. I explained that it was not that wet, and my mower can handle it. She kept on, and I just asked "are you asking me to leave?" and she said yes. What do you guys do. This was my only second mowing for this lady, and I now see why I got her at the end of the season. Someone else just had enough. I feel like just :walking:
  2. mississippiturf

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    If the mower is leaving visible dark tracks on the lawn then load up the mower and come back another day.
  3. Charles

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    Only you can decide of you can afford to lose this customer. I agree with the above too if the ground is mushy then leave. I mow when wet if the ground is solid. Now it cost me more because I take extra time to spread the clippings out. You don't want to leave clumps all over the yard. I try to do fescue yards in the afternoon when its dry
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    or tell her, have a nice life, find someone else to play a game with. "The book says... " now thats funny. I haven't had one of those customers, yet.

    I haven't mowed much at all in wet conditions. I had to finish one Friday. I got there and as soon as I got out of the truck, it started to drizzle. By the time I finished, it was pretty much raining. I was soaked but the lawn was done. It came out better then I had imagined.
  5. dishboy

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    Tell here that recommendation is aimed at home owners who equipment will plug up with wet grass. Tell here you will actually get a cleaner cut at the grass blade because water acts as a lubricant , if see does not believe you tell her to take some hand shears to a juniper and then spay water on the juniper, much easier to cut. If that does not work tell her to pound sand.
  6. That you shouldn't mow wet grass is an old wives tale. It sounds like you've run up against one of those old wives.

    I've mowed grass that was under water in a puddle. It didn't hurt it. But that's northern cool season grasses. Around here in the spring you either cut it wet or cut it long.
    I dunno about southern areas where mud might be a bigger factor.
  7. Liquidfast

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    I prefer to cut in the rain. It shows dedication to my work. It's also really cool to make short notes of those idiot customers neighbours who may have had a comment or two. I find the closest puddle parallel to their house and drop the deck. Those mucky gooky grass clumps stain nicely.
  8. Dave_005

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    we will cut as soon as it stops raining sometimes.. as long as the yard doesnt have Alot of standing water its no problem. you WILL NOT Hurt the grass one bit by cutting it when wet.. if its real wet just use the WB's they are not as heavy as a Z where the Z could rut it ot tear it on the turns
  9. MOturkey

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    To me, it is too wet when the grass starts clumping excessively. If you are one of those guys who says the grass never clumps, then you are extremely fortunate because I know it will clump here in SW MO. :)

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