how would a bobcat S300 compare to a case 95xt?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by turboawd, May 5, 2006.

  1. turboawd

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    anyone with personal experience?

    also, how does the 90 xt compare to the 95 xt? as far as moving dirt?
  2. Tigerotor77W

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    I wish I could say the S300 could stack up, but I'd expect ksss to explain better...
  3. ksss

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    The 90XT and the 95XT share the same chassis and engine. The 90XT with its Backhoe style dump cylinders and radial lift make it one of the fastest cycling machines in its class. Both machines are heavy and large. If your purpose is strictly dirt moving the 90/450 would get the nod. The only real draw back is its ROC is rather on the low end for such a heavy machine at just under 2500 pounds. So if your moving boulders or heavy pallets the 95 might be more the machine. The 95XTs have a ROC without the counter weight of 3150 or 3600 with the counter weight. The new 465 has been reduced to 3000 pound ROC due to lighter engine weight over the 95XT. These machines ( I am more familiar with the 95XT) are high production dirt movers. These machines are very impressive. If you go to Loaders&product_family=1&compare=skid_steers You can compare the specs. The real difference though will be found on the job site. I have not run one of the latest S300s but the last ones I ran (04) model it was not even close. The CASE machines have much more torque and all that weight made digging with the CASE machines much easier. However I have not run the latest G series Bobcat maybe they have closed the gap. I would demo a 450 and 465 and then demo your favorite against the S300. The cab of the Bobcat is fancier and they are easier on fuel than the large CASE machines. The resale on the 95XTs is incredible. They are expensive to buy but they are built to handle extreme duty cycles. Depending on what you plan on doing with the machine would problaby dictate whether CASE or Bobcat would be the better choice. Around here everyone that really works a skid steer has a 95XT. There are tree guys here that run 50"" tree spades on weighted down 95XTs.
  4. oldrustycars

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    as a mechanic, i detest anything bobcat makes. they are the most difficult machines to work on. look at a bobcat, then at a case. the case looks like it's missing stuff it needs to run..the bobcat is just jammed with junk. remove the engine to get the crack prone fuel tank out. battery almost inaccessable. hydraulic hoses darn near impossible to get at. in the demolition business, or bobcats had solid rubber tires. the frames cracked constantly. case and cat, no such trouble. and now you guys have KSSS, who's in the skid loader business, and i see he doesnt own any bobcats. i never met him, but i like him already. and maybe we should discuss bobcats attempts at making filters and such just a little different so you have to buy them at a bobcat dealer...
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    You as a mechanic find it hard to access components on a Bobcat, well what is really more important is for you to know that a Bobcat Skid Steer can be serviced in a shorter time frame than a Case or Caterpillar, especially because you do not need to tension the drive chains,

    I have seen cracked frames on John Deere, Case and Caterpillar and yes Bobcat, this is always a consequence of those units being run in demolition with solid tires.

    For an operator to perform daily check on his unit, Bobcat is very easy to check.....


    This thread is about how a S300 will compete against the 95XT, I would say that the S300 is a great unit and argueably the 95XT can be more productive by a small margin once you are looking at high production,

  6. ksss

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    Over the course of all the CASE machines I have had I had recently just had to adjust the drive chains on a machine. The chain adjust thing is a nonissue to me. I will say that CASE is not the simplist machine to change the oil on. I think CAT probably has the easiest. During prototype sessions all the machines are compared for ease of service. CAT and Bobcat always are rated higher than CASE for ease of maintainance. The 400 series machines have extended drain intervals to 500 hours so at least it does not need to be done as often. I don't think comparing a 95XT and an S300 is even as close as C Breeze believes but I agree it may become subjective. Bobcat is working on a 3000 pound plus ROC machine now. If they could compete with the 300 I doubt they would be building a bigger machine.
  7. Tigerotor77W

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    One of the issues of maintenace that some people tend to miss isn't simply how the entire machine's maintenance is... it's how easy it is to service daily service points. If checking the oil takes a long time (even ten minutes), people aren't going to do it as often. If adjusting the chains requires hours, how many times will they actually do it? I think that's where Bobcat's simplicity comes in.

    As far as the >3,000lb ROC skid goes, I'm curious what they're going to do. Bobcat ventured into that arena with the 963, which was almost too much machine, and pulled out because the market was too small. By the time the S330 (or whatever they will call it) comes out, Deere, Gehl, and some other manufacturers will also be in the market. So I'm really skeptical whether Bobcat will make another foray into the super-skid size. It sure will be an interesting machine. (Unless they just add more weight onto the S250 platform, which is entirely possible, given they just put #120 chains in there.)
  8. ksss

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    As far as checking oil and greasing all can be done without moving the machine and are very easy. My complaint with the CASE machines is just that changing oil is a bigger chore than it should be. YOu have to remove a plate from under the side of the machine which is a pain and the oil filter is more difficult to access than other brands.

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