How would i start a proposal/bid for a big property management

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by o it grew landscaping, Jan 24, 2006.

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    im having a slight case of writers block, and dont know where to start this bid. Its for a apartment complex owned by a big company. Any one here have some ideas on where to start....of course i offer full services, am dpr certified in my area, and have a good price in mind.......but not good at starting bids.....
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    Advice that I received was to have a cover letter that explains what a good job you would do and anything that makes you look good, and then just have a draft contract that clearly states all of the services. This saves time and since you will have to have a contract anyway, might as well be stright forward about it and clear. This way they know exactly what to expect and you do as well. Others might disagree and say that this will scare people off, but I think it is a strightforward way of doing things. Not as an introduction, but when you know that you have a decent chance of getting the contract. If you are just doing an introduction, I would suggest just the letter part.


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