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    Originally Posted by Downunder Bob
    On the 9th of August I placed an order for a mini-z thru my dealer. I was told it would take between 10 and 12 weeks as thats how long organizing and freight takes from the US to Australia. On the 24th I was notified by the importer {also a dealer} that everything is in order and that my mower will leave the US in or around the first week of September arriving around the first week in November.Well the container arrived this week but no mini-z.
    In the meantime I had sold my old mower and organised work with a contractor for the new mower.The importer is now saying it may take another 10 to twelve weeks for another one to arrive. I have asked both the dealer and the importer for a loan mower till mine arrives, both said they haven't got any second hand machines available.
    Asking a few questions, I found that my mower was replaced with the new diesel. Just doesn't seem right to me.
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    I have been in contact with our export manager, and he is aware of the situation, he is going to contact your importer to see what can be done to help this situation.


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