How would you deal with this customer?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tazman7, May 8, 2007.

  1. tazman7

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    One of our commerical business customers has some big company like Tru Green or something like that do all of their fertilizing, weed control. Well they have them put down so much fertilizer on the lawn really needs to be mowed twice a week but the guy doesnt want to pay for us to mow twice a week, he expects us to mow once a week and if needed mow it a second time but yet he will complain if we charge him for two mowings. In the last two months they have fertilized twice and sprayed for weeds once, we cut it with an Exmark and the lawn is so thick the mower bogs down. This is the only lawn I have ever seen it do this on, its rediculous.
    The best thing the guy could do for the lawn is to stop fertilizing so much and either aerate or dethatch, or even both. When you cut it even on a high setting the lawn turns brown and its like a sponge when you walk on it....I just think that he thinks its brown because he needs more fert..

    So what would you do about him not wanting us to mow twice a week. we spent two hours in there today with two people when the lawn should only take 45 minutes at the most! How would you deal with this cheapo customer? :hammerhead:

    Oh..and we raised our prices this year like most companies do and we went up on his lawn $10 and the guy had the nerve to chew us down $5 per mowing!!!
  2. Liquidfast

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    Drop him. I have dropped customers for less reasons. Last year, we had a $45 cut...not a biggie. Then dude and his mistress started with the fert. It took us as long to blow the grass off the road as it did to cut the place. DROPPED them.

    Seriously, in this biz, the less headaches the better. I am sure this is the only customer that bothers you and makes your day miserable. Lose them now or lose them later, whats the diff?
  3. ferdinand711

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    send them the last bill and tell them that you can't do it anymore for this and that reason's.
  4. sheshovel

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    Well, you need to communicate this problem to your client. Write them a letter or call explaining he needs to fert and water less or you will have to mow more for more $$. Simple as that. If he can't do one or the other, drop him you are losing $$.
  5. Mark in MD

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    I would tough it out. The lawn will slow down significantly in five-six weeks, and then the rest of the season is gravy. Next year, hike his price significantly and explain why.
  6. JTF40

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    Premium post, Girlie !!!!!
  7. Jnamo

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    Set him up like snow plowing, charge him by the inch. Use July-Aug. for the base price/length and go from there.

    I have a lawn that grows 6 to 8 inches per week. I told the guy twice a week or find someone else. I don't charge as much for the first cut of the week because it is only a mow and blow. The last cut of the week is full service/price.

  8. tazman7

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    You know that sounds likt a good idea. I think I might tell the guy that and if he doesnt like it he can cram it up his a$$.
  9. ZX12R

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    Tell him your have to charge him more money due to the time you are spending there.If he does not understand,drop them.These days,if someone wants me to cut their lawn while someone else takes care of the chemicals,I do not take them on.:nono:
  10. supercuts

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    id tell hime 2x a week or ill cut it at 5+". see how he likes that. on the flip side, dont forget this lawn will most likely be green durring a drought. nice to know you'll have some work when the rain stops. my proposals states i make the final decission on how frequent to cut especially due to heavy growth from irrigation or fertilizing.

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