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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by shovelracer, Apr 14, 2008.

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    Its time to become more assertive. Tell her what the situation is and how it is going to be handled. Stop leaving it open ended. You need to be able to convince the customer that you are qualified and you are the one with the information regarding times and treatments. Reverse the role and get her in your back pocket. Do not walk away from a customer regardless of how much of a pain they are. Once she understands you are the one taking the reins then the questions from her will soon become compliments. Business 101.
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    just tell her that someone else sent in a contract and her spot was taken.
    if she knows so much why aint she doing her own stuff?
    she'd probable stiff you with the bill when she heads to florida anyways.
  3. Ric

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    Turf Hokie

    IMHO you gave the best answer. The Quality of your customer base is more important than the Quantity. With Quality you can build Quantity easily.
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    That doesnt always work. I raised my prices as high as 75% this year on a few full service customers just to get rid of them, and they still came back. I guess it means that we are doing something right, and the money definitely will pay for the extra phone time these people need to have. As for the lady this was about, well after my last post I told her she was going to do it my way and that I could squeeze her maintenance in early tuesday mornings and she was going to have to follow my application schedule. She said she would get back to me today. I just happen to drive by today and the other company in that development was finishing up her service which appeared to be clean up, thatching, and a little white flag which probably was her grub and PreM. That means this guy dropped whatever he was doing today to make this lady happy after blowing him off for weeks. No thanks
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    There are a few people in this world who have the need to be a puppet master and everyone around them to be their puppet. That's what's great about doing your own thing. You can pretty much run things the way you want and there's no strings attached! You didn't need the headache...
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    Thats it, you became assertive and left her with no way to waiver and got your answer. Instead of blowing her off lke everyone was recomending, even though she decided to go with another service, you left her with the impression that you know what your doing and when her current service starts to slip she'll remember the guy who had the answers... Its a win win, your at ease knowing shes not going to bug you weekly and the power is on your side when she decides to speak with you again..
  7. Turf Hokie and Ric are on the right page
  8. Ric

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    I think we all have been in the start up position where ANY customer was a good customer. But as you grow and start to gain confidence in your self and business your values change. Doesn't matter if you are doing Extra Fine Turf or Blown & Go work, You shouldn't put up with a PITA customer.

    One Story I do love to tell is Dr. PITA. For 2 years I kissed his Butt. One day I had it and Quit Him. He went to the Country Club and Told everyone what a bad guy I was. I got tons of NEW customers from his Bad mouthing me. Everyone said If I could keep him happy for two years I could keep them happy for a life time. Everyone knew what a Jerk he is.
  9. Guess that was the best advertising you ever DID !!!!
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    My favorite story when it comes to PITA customers. This is a small Country Club Neighborhood where most homeowners are Club members also. Everyone knows everyone and word of mouth is the only advertisement that really works. Dr PITA was a PITA as a Doctor and a bigger PITA as a retiree. Nothing to do and all day to do it.

    Fact is my older customers told me about it first. After Dr PITA would leave the country club everyone would laugh and talk me up. They tell me one guy used to pimp poor old Dr PITA about who did the best yard care just to get him started. It was the Country Club Joke for a month or two.

    In Hollywood they say bad press is better than no press. It worked for me. :D

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