How would you deal with this customer

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by shovelracer, Apr 14, 2008.

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    Tim and Ric agreed with me, I must be getting ready to get struck by lightning:laugh:

    My business just turned the corner (I think) this winter. And I realized that my business did not need to have just anybody as a customer. Became more selective with new customers, tighter route, go with your gut type stuff and dropped a few old PITA's. So far less stress and 30% bottom line growth in this early season.

    Doesnt matter if I'm in the neighborhood or even across the street. I got fed up with waiting for my money and dealing with the people that would complain about one weed on 15k of lawn, insist I come back when I tell them they are scheduled for their regular service in one week anyway. Just not worth it and my bottom line says I am right.

    go with your instinct and walk away.
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    Did the same here. raised prices, lost a few, gained a few back at the higher price(of course) and ditched the PITA's and the slow payers(F**K em and feed em fish heads) I'm in this to make a living and I can't if I do a pre -emerge on St. Pat's day and get paid for it on Thanksgiving! I actually still have slightly less customers than at the end of last year but my projected gross is up 20%. Not too shabby!

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