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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by True Cut Lawn Maintenance, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. True Cut Lawn Maintenance

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    Customer called me the other day wanted his yard mowed, had seen my ad in the paper so i went mowed the thing didnt take me all that long handed me 20 bucks and i was on my way

    well he calls me tonight and says he wants me to continue mowing amongst other things well the only problem with that is im a mow trim and edge guy i dont do odd jobs. he wants me to do snow removal and all this

    am i getting myself into a PITA or what should i do, am thinking about sending him a letter stating that i only mow yards and if he wishes to continue with that then i will but that is all i do and nothing else

    as i am planning on getting a job this winter to advance my knowledge of swine so i can eventually leave lawn care and go into farming

    your thoughts are appreciated
  2. fga

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    when you say odd jobs, do you mean planting, trimming, applying fertilizer. clean-ups, leaves, thatching? if you don't offer these, then simply tell him he'd be better off looking for a full servie company, rather then yours which has a target clientel. tell him you've found a niche that works for you.

    if its just snow work, tell you don't offer that service. and service the property for everything else.
  3. mcwlandscaping

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    There is some really good money in snow removal. The companies that do it around here call it white gold (probably not just around here). All they do is plow. The walks, steps and cleaning cars is all left to the resident. If your truck can handle a plow, it may be worthwhile to go out and find some other people wanting snow removal done. Just my 2 cents. However, if you want to go into farming, then that is what you should do then. Well this post is kind of confusing, sorry!
  4. True Cut Lawn Maintenance

    True Cut Lawn Maintenance LawnSite Senior Member
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    He said he needs me the rest of the year and all winter i want to charge more than 20 for the property and i think that may be one way out of it

    i just have a feeling that ill never be able to get rid of this guy the grass handt been cut more than once he doesnt want to pay anything he says he lives on vetrans disability and has everything known to mankind medically wrong with him. Yet i saw the garage open as i was leaving dont know what he was doing since he has congestive heart failure but there was a late 70's-early 80's corvette sitting in the garage along with a late 80's buick lesabre i kinda think he was using me he told me he was tired of the neighborhood kids as they wernt dependable but i would like to specialize in larger yards

    id say the lot is 130' x 55'-60' and atleast half of that is house
  5. fga

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    i forgot.. look for the red flags. grass that hasn't been cut in some time throws a red flag in the air for me.
    didn't pay the last guy

    too cheap so he trying to do it himself

    needs you to do it for the 100 degree summer, then he drop ya come october, when he starts again.
  6. True Cut Lawn Maintenance

    True Cut Lawn Maintenance LawnSite Senior Member
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    the guy is 70 years old and is dying i doubt he does it himself had been doing it through a neighborhood kid but was undependable

    i set my lawn boy at 2 and a half inches and still clogged (was a little wet) but needless to say last night i spent a half hour cleaning the deck and sharpening the blade, then gave it a coat of slip plate

    im still thinking about it but the lawn mowing is just somthing to make me some money on the side not sure if ill do it next summer or not depends on what comes up.
  7. fga

    fga LawnSite Silver Member
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    i was speaking generally there. :waving:

    oh, as far as age, my grandfather is almost 80. if i attempted to take his lawn mower away, he'd knock me out.
  8. True Cut Lawn Maintenance

    True Cut Lawn Maintenance LawnSite Senior Member
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    so should i keep mowing or drop him i have some jobs for leaf removal this fall and ive done work for the people before and hell she tipped me 10 bucks when i did the hedges

    my question is do i write a letter or keep mowing?
  9. splatz100

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    Sounds like you should stick to mowing and refer him to someone else for snowplowing. I think he would be happy with you trying to do things that he is unable to do. I mean come on this man is older and he probably isnt trying to be a PITA but it just might come out that way. For some reason I have a heart for older people(Im not talking 60-70 year olds that are out and about, but the ones are unable to do the things they used to like doing)
  10. topsites

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    CAUTION - WRONG answer below - The politically correct will jump on my tail because doing this will make your business fail in less than 2 years.

    That having been said:

    Ohhhh yeah, one them never-got-any-money sob-story make you feel sorry so you bend over backwards and work your tail off for free deals. They're a dime a dozen folk used to fill up slots on my schedule until I realized they were taking up space that COULD be used for someone who HAD the money. Had one years ago like that, took me several odd jobs and several grass-cuts and weed-eating through the backyard which contained the dogs after which the owner never poop-scooped (tell me, you ever weed-eat where there has been a dog? No? Maybe you should, the feces in the face was my favorite way to gain humility back in the days) and I did this until I got pissed off enough times (and REALLY pissed off a few times) until I was able to drop her without much further ado. I won't delve into why she never paid a few hundred dollars of work despite the fact her price was the lowest to begin with, thou it made me think I might get paid on time one day she was actually home when I started but the plumber got there while I was still working and after I got done with the work when I went to collect my check, the door was locked and nobody answered, knock after knock...
    do u want to talk pissed?
    i literally saw white flashes behind my eyes, anger later brought tears but in the end i did learn... meanwhile, the politically correct wonder why I tell ppls that I am NOT INTERESTED nowadays.

    Choice is yours, but I might tell him the $20 cut was a one-time deal and say thank you and have a nice day and hang up. That or ignore the calls, OR go ahead and do it and be a good samaritan like I did (btw, I won't even think about servicing these kind of ppls anymore, this is the perfect time to be NOT INTERESTED). Then again, I'm in it for the long run... You?

    Far as getting rid of him? Ignore the phone calls, delete the messages. And if you feel sorry for him, then go do the work... Maybe you'll feel better afterwards, maybe you won't, dunno ... I didn't, but I did learn how to say NO to the biggest sad-puppy eyed sob-story mufuggas out there without thinking twice about it, without blinking an eye, without losing sleep and without missing a beat.

    But no, u can't make no money doing it... Do it for fun or to be a nice guy, maybe it's a way you can do some repentance, dunno...

    p.s.: btw, the plumber had a wedding band on, which explains somehwat what i think of ppl in general, and why i am the way i am towards them. no, i know not everybody is like that, but more than a few of them are, and before I started telling ppls to kiss off, 9 out of 10 of them used to try some kinda crap with me.

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