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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by longslawn, Oct 29, 2002.

  1. goodbeus

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    read your last post have all the reasons stated on why you should release him, which are very good reasons....I'd let him go...
  2. longslawn

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    Talked to employee Wed.. He stated that he didn't get job but had deceided that he is going to stay here.
    I explained that it's not that simple. He had in fact turned in a notice, but because he didn't get the job he wants to keep working. I told him that it doesn't work that way that since he would have quit if he had got the job that I am going to find a replacement. He tried to assure me that he wasn't going to quit but as I told him, this is what he intended on doing Tuesday and because it didn't work this time he wanted to withdraw his notice.
    Also explained that (he knows the story, he was fixing to be layed off ) the person he replaced was quitting to go to truck driving school, but found out the day before he was to start that he did'nt receive the grant he was needing. I didn't lay him off and give the job back to the employee that was quiting even though he was a better and more experinced worker.
    Bottom line is, he turned in his notice but didn't get his job and now I'm going to replace him.
  3. longslawn

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    I told the employee Thursday morning that I would not be needing him any longer. I aslo told him that to be fair to him, that if he had gotten the job Tuesday that he was going to work a 2 week notice that I would pay him the rest of this week and pay him for one more week.
    I don't think it's a good practice to keep a employee that is looking for another job on the payroll. If he knows he's being replaced the don't give a S--- attitude will surface in most people.
    I think paying him a weeks pay is as fair as him working a notice.
    Agree or disagree.
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    what is worng with a person trying to find a better oportunity? i would commend him for trying to improve his quality of life. what you did is right ( imo ) you do need to cover your arss.
  5. goodbeus

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    nothing wrong with employees going after a better oppurtunity...I've told my guys before that if they can find a better job making more money, go for hard feelings, I'd do it myself...but don't let the door hit ya on the way out :blob3:
  6. longslawn

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    I don't blme him for tryig to better himself. I just feel that if he's looking, then so am I. Who ever finds the replacement (job or employee) first the the other has to handle it the best way they can.

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