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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNS AND MOWER, Oct 29, 2002.


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    Here's my situation. I picked up 2 accounts side by side this spring. Was a referral, so was hard to say no. One yard is a piece of cake. 20 minutes max. $30/cut. Other yard is a major PITA. Flower beds all over the yard. Impossible to keep the clippings out of the beds. I get dizzy mowing this yard. Lady puts out cedar mulch everyother month. Way too much weedeating. It was hinted to me when I priced the yards that if I did one I would have to do the other. I would love to keep the easy yard and dump the other one next season. Any suggestions?????
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    raise the price on the PITA. That way you can keep the tight route and both customers.

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    I don't think she could pay me enough to mow it next year. I started counting in my head back in August how many more times I would have to mow it this year. I'm sure we all have accounts like this. I would look at my schedule for the week on Mon and have this yard down for Thurs and already start dreading having to mow it.
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    Either raise the price on the PITB yard to make it worth your time, of just dump them and hope for the best.

    I have one customer that I love, she has a really cool yard and easy to take care of. It's made a real improvement since I've taken over.

    Well her neighbor noticed her lawn improving and asked me for an estimate. They told me I was to high, so I said sorry but thats the price for the quality you can see.

    Somehow, she got my customer, the lady I like to include her side yard which is connected to my customers front/side yard in my customers mowing contract. I told my customer there would (obviously) be an increase in price since I would be mowing/fertilizing and weeding more area. She agreed to the price. NOW, the neighbor lady always seems to find something to complain about, even though I've made improvements in her portion of the yard as well. She'll be out there sweeping grass clippings off her driveway AS I'M MOWING. I've stopped the mower several times and told her, I'll take care of any debris I get on your driveway when I get finished mowing. She just smiles and say's i'ts ok "I just like to help out". Then after I leave she goes and complains to my customer that I leave a mess for her to clean up! :angry:

    The other day I was putting Pansies in the same customers front beds, the neighbor lady came out and told me I had them placed all wrong. I should move these here and move those there. I politely told her that I was the landscape professional and since I was ultimately responsible for the finished product, I would be the one to decide what looks best. You got it, she waited till my customer came home and complained to her saying, "since I can see the flower beds from my house I thought I should have a say in how they were planted"! My customer said she thought they looked just fine, and that she was very happy with my services. I think in so many words she told her to mind her own business.

    My customer want's to keep my services but she also want's good relations with her neighbor. Difficult balance with a neighbor like this. Good luck to you.

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    it takes all kinds and that kind is the hardest to be patient with. mabe u could talk some buisiness into callin her and asking her if she wants a job. :D mabe if she was tired at the end o the day ,she wouldnt be so meddlesome an onnery..
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    you could analyze the two as one. figure what you want to make for the stop, and then raise the pain only, by the full amount required. if you lose both, so be it. if the pain agrees, great. if the pain only quits, then you have the good prop at the same $30.

    hey green pastures, years ago my parents had a neighbor who was not to keen on splitting the cost on a fence. they were the only neighbor to raise a complaint, to split the cost is the norm here.

    my dad told them fine, he'll pay for it all. but he told them he was putting the fence 3" over on our side, and was going to paint the side facing them pink. they agreed to split the cost.

    i thought you'd get a laugh out of that story.:cool:
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    You can't just dump it because you don't "feel like" doing it. This is not a good way to do business, and would SURELY not look good to the neighbor or any other for that matter. You are already there, so just do it. Oh sure, you could price yourself for what you have to have, but you can't just "dump" someone because you don't like the job.
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    You have to take the good with the bad,The easy with the hard. If your not losing money on it, and making money on the easy one, then just keep it (let your helper do that one, while you do the easy one:D ).

    I have a yard that is a PITA. It has to be done with a 21" because it on a slope and there is a 2.5' wall separating the back, so the mower has to be picked up off the ground and on to wall. (cant do that with any other mower). But I am holding on to this account, because they love my work, I have gotten (and still do) alot of work from this guy. But he also pays pretty good. The yard is only 5500 sq.ft and its take almost an hour and a half to service. Almost twice as long for the leaves.

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    Lawns and Mower,

    If I'm reading your post correctly, it looks like you're obligated to cut both yards. But, now, you regret giving the same price to both accounts due to one of them being very difficult. Right?

    If you are obligated, then I would just suck it up. Personally, I would not raise the price or even mention raising the price on the difficult yard after agreeing to it originally. It seems to me that all this should have been "hashed" out on the front end of this deal.

    Good luck with it,

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    Raise your price a bit on the "pita" lady if she has more landscaping and it's harder to do. I had a lawn like this. But I got paid good bucks for it so it didn't bother me to do it. Then I have others where I priced wrong and don't like doing them because I priced it wrong. My fault I know, but it does get up ya nose when ya thinking that your not getting paid for what the job is worth.


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