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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gebby, Jun 17, 2011.

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    i have been doing this for quite some time. I mow around retail parking lots and have mowed around in behind, beside, in front of thousands of cars. I'm sure many of you have seen how people back in a lot clear up to the curb with their back wheels and as close as possible. In 16 years I have had 4 complaints of grass on cars. Normally the grass would be off before they leave the lot. I always offer money for a car wash 10.00 mainly just to get the people moving and so they don't complain to the stores. I have had one taker. The other 3 just want to be in charge and complain even after offering a car wash (cash money). Today I had a man complain because my worker got and I counted them 3 slivers of grass on his truck. 1/4 inch long. My guy was trimming in the area when he pulled up 1 inch from the curb.The guy came out looking for a argument. He looked all over the truck seen the 3 slivers and just went kind of crazy. After saying we are sorry, offering a car wash several times and him not taking, I had the money in my hand offering it to him. I finally just walked off while he continued to complain. We are always very careful and often won't trim until the area is clear and then go back. This is often impossible to do. OK how would you all handle this situation ? You can be serious or funny as he**. I just need some feed back. Thanks !!
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    I'd ask them how they drive down the road with all the rocks layin around...they may get a chip! A single big grasshopper makes more of a mess than some grass.

    The 10$ bill is a good idea tho...should have got him off of your arse.
  3. White Gardens

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    Do people not realize that their vehicle is outside!
  4. Dr.NewEarth

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    He had a truck? Maybe you could have dumped your grass catchers in the back of it
  5. nlminc

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    Same people who probably take a scenic route in the Fall for leaf peep'n and complain to the local Chamber when they have a leaf stuck in there grill from the drive.

    Ignore them...I wouldn't give em cash. Remind them how many American troops died this week in Afg. and ask em how those 3 pieces of grass on the hood smell.
  6. White Gardens

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    Ditto ......
  7. TriCityLawnCareLLC

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    Don't sweat it man,you just can't win with some people. If what you tell me is the truth then you've done all you can.
  8. topsites

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    Do you see how quick my temper is here on LS?

    You don't want to come up to me looking for an argument. :nono:

    I will say thou, practice makes perfect, I've learned certain ways of doing things after so many years,
    most of them kind don't even come my way or if they do they'll say something smart, as they're walking away!
    Yeah, and they keep walking too.

    I'm a sick bastard, for starting a confrontation I will find out that person's name (first and last), where they live, their date of birth,
    what car they drive (make, model, license plate), their phone number, and anything and everything I can find out about them,
    all of this information I keep on file in case something happens to me.

    The next time they come up to me, I address them by their first name.
    Like, look here Richard, I don't have time for you today.
    That usually slows them down, a lot.

    I can't stand them kind, but the best way to deal with it is after you have offered the car wash is simply say
    "well look I said I was sorry and I offered you a car wash, take it or leave it because I've done what I can,
    now I have work to do I am a very busy person so I am going to excuse myself, thank you and have a nice day!"
    And turn around and get yourself back to work.
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  9. MOturkey

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    We mow a state office building, owner pays for the mowing. Last year, the boss lady calls and says that she had a complaint about us getting grass in one of the worker's car when we mowed. My wife took the call, and apologized profusely, saying she probably did it when she blew off the parking lot. I would have suggested they roll their window up when they park the car, problem solved.

    We started doing the property on Sunday to avoid any problems. A month later, the lady calls again, saying someone, obviously the same employee, again complained that we got a "bunch" of grass in her vehicle when we mowed on Tuesday. Well, guess what lady, we weren't even near the property on Tuesday. Turns out it was the homeowner next door. Their property line comes up almost to the parking lot.

    It was inconvenient for us to mow on Sunday, because we mow a home next door, the lawn and ditch all run together, and the don't like it mowed on Sunday, so we'd have to come back and do theirs mid-week. This year, I thought "F it", I'm going to mow it all on Wednesday, if they don't like it, they can get someone else. So far, no problems.

    I am getting to where I have very little patience with people who make a big deal out of nothing. I might get upset if someone plastered the side of my vehicle with wet grass, but a few blades landing on the hood or something, or getting inside, if I'm dumb enough to leave the window down, would certainly be no big deal.
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    ya think somebody is going to kill ya?

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