How would you light this dry-stacked stone wall?

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by irrig8r, Nov 30, 2007.

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    I would shy away from path, or area lights... I wouldn't want to look at them all, all day long.

    See the effect, not the source.
  2. irrig8r

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    At this point iIthink path lights are what I'm going to use.

    Nobody is going to look at them "all day long". They will be run from a switch when the area is used, but I don't expect it is used except for on weekends. Otherwise they will be visible only from above, and in that large expanse of landscape, once the plants are installed and start to grow, I think they'll blend right in.

    Right now I'm favoring the FX FG, because the look blends well with the setting, they will weather nicely, and the light is slightly forward of the fixture, but not so much of an angle to be a glare problem (I think.) I will see if I can get them with wedge base socket and use some 912s or a Xenon equivalent.

    My other reason is they will light up the plants that spill over the wall. I don't recall what they are going to be, but I'm imagining creeping rosemary, purple lantana or other spreading groundcovers with flowers and Mediterranean themed perennials.

    On the stairs themselves I'm considering the pathlights on one side and something like the Cast Decklight on the other.

    For soft uplighting of some of the walls along and up the slope I'll be using Nightscaping Sazliters w/ wedge base Xenon lamps.

    Thanks for all the input.
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    Hey Billy!!,

    I'm open to any suggestions you wish to offer. Since we are out here on the East.. life is pretty boring.. No earthquakes or Loma Prieta (I thought it was a animal! lol). You make a very valid point. Every geographic region has it's particulars. I'd like to hear more of problems/improvements that you run into on an installation.

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