How would you light this house?

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by tdf, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. tdf

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    I may have the chance to light this house and the landscape to come. I will be doing this for free with the builder paying for supplies. This will be my very first time. I have never even held a fixture let alone installed a system. Did I mention this house will be a parade of homes entry. Any help would be great. the white indicates the locations that I think the light would go. What do you think?

    * I just realised that I have no clue how to upload a pic.
    I will try to figure it out.
  2. tdf

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    ok here it is.

    lot 5 changed.JPG
  3. tdf

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    I guess I will be wall washing.
  4. PJDiesel

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    Uh, I'm not help.
    Your location caught my eye, my brother lives in Garner.

    Nice looking pad, I take it you are going to be doing more if this works out?
  5. tdf

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    probably, but I mostly want to get some experience under my belt.
  6. NightScenes

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    The first question is, what kind of finish will this home have? Rock, hardy plank, or other? What color will it be? Is there a landscape plan? Where is the outlet for the system and is it dedicated? What about a hardscape plan?

    Sorry to ask so many questions right off the bat, but these are very important when designing a system. Are there any more pics of the house, from other angles?
  7. desert night light

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    The blue writing on the wall of the house will look very peculiar after dark if you light the buiulding. I'd concentrate more on the landscaping sight unseen as it is.
  8. tdf

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    The House will be Hardi plank. I don't know what color it is going to be. My first thought was that the landscape needed to be finished, but they want me to give them an idea of what it would cost. I figured that I would try to get an idea of what the house would use and go from there. Do you guys think I should tell them I really can't give an idea until the landscape is finished. I think that would be best, but at the same time I want to take advantage of this opportunity. I do think that the landscaping will be minimal though based on the other completed homes in the subdivision. I realise I not giving you guys allot to work with.

    Thanks, Thomas

    stoney place 008.jpg
  9. Pro-Scapes

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    I would make sure you get conduits under the driveway and walkways and note where they are (measure from a fixed point and note it) and make sure the electrician gives you 1 or 2 dedicated GFCI's

    I would also add some narrow beam spots on the garage pillars to balance it all out. I would push for low voltage lamp posts or similar at the entrance to the drive as well.

    As paul said see if you can find the hardscape plan as well as the landscape plan. If your inexperienced with high end lighting I would find someone experienced in my area to help me on this first one so I didnt drop my pants in front of a builder who could potentially bring you more business in the future. From my past experiences in other fields dealing with builders they want more cash in thier pockets and may not care bout balance and using more low wattage fixtures so they can keep the cost down. Too many builders here are dropping 2 or 3 500w halogens in the ground on new homes.

    I gotta get pics of the street near a job we just did... All the nieghbors went in as a group and got these huge light bombs put in near the road. You get blinded coming up the street. I had one lady call that said she loved out work but it wouldnt even show up with the ambient light they got from them. You could easily play football in the street at night with how bright this is.
  10. tdf

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    I found out today that the house will be rock to the right and left of the doo and stucco at the top gable. The porch on the other side will be enclosed with round columns. Any suggestions? I will be using Vista products

    Should I plan on having a light shining up to the top gable or will the grazing light from the below be enough? Should I even place attention up there since it is only stucco?

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