How would you tackle this tree removal?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Hotty Toddy, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. Hotty Toddy

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    I've been asked to give a quote on removing these two conifer trees and replace them with something else.

    IMG_6091.JPG IMG_6092.JPG
    This one on the left looks pretty easy. I could easily rock the tree back and forth with my hands (it's really wet here now).
    This is the beast. It's bigger, in a tougher position in relation to the sidewalk, and it doesn't budge when I rock it with my hands.
    IMG_6101.JPG IMG_6104.JPG
    You can see how close it is to the sidewalk. It's right in the corner of the sidewalk and driveway.
    Not a great pic, but you can see the sidewalk in the upper right of the photo, and you can see how thick the base of the tree is.

    Questions --

    1. How would you tackle removal?
    2. How much would you charge for removal and haul off?
    3. What would you recommend for replacement plants?

    Many thanks.
  2. sehitchman

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    With a sidewalk, lighting and sprinkler damage disclaimer if the roots bring up the sidewalk or irrigation landscape lights. Those repairs would be extra. I would cut them off and then use the backhoe attachment on my dingo to pull them up. In and out in 45 minutes or less. $180 plus $30 disposal if they require haul away. If I had to hand dig the price would be the same. Mulch or fill dirt would be slightly extra.
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  3. oqueoque

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    Sehitchman mentioned the easier way. I'll give yo a harder way, which might not damage/break-up that Flagstone walkway. That would be to cut it down to a stump then use a electric sawzall & Loppers to cut out the roots. You will need to change the blades a lot, since the dirt will dull them. A San Angelo bar from Home depot might help also.
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  4. sehitchman

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    This is probably the best method, I've also got an old chainsaw that I stick in the dirt all the time. Just get in there and start hogging, if you work steady, you could hog them out in less then an hour each. Get a good "spud bar" , Axe, sharp pick Axe and grub it out. I'm a digging fool and love the workout it gives. I might just be in the mood to come do it just to get the winter fat off.
    Still, even if hand digging, get the understanding that the above damage possibilities, any repair would be extra.
  5. prezek

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    I’d wrap a chain around it and yank with the truck. Any movement in that sidewalk and I’d stop though and use one of the methods above.
  6. hal

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    Cheap way a spade and lopers, or sawzall and cut the roots around the side walk, if you don't cut it down first use it for leverage and cut all the roots, pull it out.
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  7. oqueoque

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    And get the underground utilities marked prior, so you don't dig or cut a gas, electric, cable or water line. Here it is free & you call 811 & I think it is Nationwide & is done for free here.
  8. Jeff Merritt

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    Cut it off at the base and hand removal would probably be best. Big Junipers like that may have some hefty roots growing under the sidewalk.
    Hard to say until you chop around it. If it looks ok then you could pull it out with a machine. Not sure about yanking it out with a chain - it might crack the concrete before you can stop. As far as replacement plants it doesn't look like you have much room to work with. Looks like you are in Tennessee? Might try something a lot more compact - Green Mountain Boxwood, Sky Pencil Holly, Dwarf Alberta Spruce - if you are looking for something upright like the existing plants. Or just level the dirt off and put rock mulch back. Looks like they never should have installed the sidewalk so close to the garage.
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    I had a lot of fun at the San Angelo Bar once.
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    If anyone says he remembers times at the San Angelo bar then he wasn't really there!

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