How would you'll handle this client?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by clallen03, May 15, 2010.

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    Picked up this customer middle of last season...small $40 lawn. She liked what we did so she referred us to her neighbor across the street...little larger $50 lawn. First impressions was he was going to be a PITA but he has turned out to be pretty good...lots of extras like weed control, fert, seasonal color, pine straw.

    Now the first customer has started this "Can you skip my lawn this time" BS and dropping a ton of cheap fert on the lawn so when I go by their the lawn is a foot high. Just a bunch of stuff to piss me off. Normally I would let her go after the second time she pulls these stunts but Im a little hesitant to drop her because of fear of losing her referral. Today I serviced her referrals lawn and saw her other neighbor mowing her lawn. This didn't upset because now I know it wont be a foot high the next visit...if there is a next visit.

    How would you'll handle this client?
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    It should upset you!

    That neighbor is taking food off your table, I'd drop her like a hot potato and tell her to get the neighbor to cut it. Don't take that crap off of any of them. You probably won't loose the referral client as long as you've done good work for him.
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    The way I might handle this situation not knowing all of the extenuating circumstances would be to mow her lawn biweekly and spend as much time mowing the lawn as you have in the past, don't double cut for the same price. This way she is still getting the same value but you and I know the lawn won't look as good because there will be excess clippings on top. When she looks across the street to the lawn she referred you to, and sees it looking great, hopefully she will put 2 and 2 together and figure out why hers looks bad compares to his. Normally I would avoid mowing biweekly lawns but since you are there anyways mowing the guys lawn across the street, you won't be making an extra trip.
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    Have them sign a contract that says "weekly lawn mowing" or "mowing to ensure no more than 1/3rd of the the blade of grass is removed" I have all new customers sign contracts. Then after they have been a client of mine for a while and I know them, then I don't always make them sign one. After they know how it works.

    There are a TON of mowing accounts out there you just don't want. I only have lawns that people want mowed every week, because they care about how their lawn looks! Let her go, and don't worry about loosing the other client. If he is happy he will stay.

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