how wouldve you handled this situation?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Junior M, Aug 12, 2008.

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    ok as most of you know i was working for a landscaper well i officially quit today and i dont know if i handled it the right way... but i have been aggravated working for this guy since i started in june there are alot of reasons so i will tell them like this
    1. it gets really hot here during the summer and he wouldnt get us to the job until 10 or 11 somedays mostly becuz he didnt want to get up and then he takes forever to get ready and when he finally gets to my house to get me we go back to the shop and he goes in the office while i load the truck and we sit there waiting on him..
    2. he wants to be the big boss that drives around all day and nit picks stuff no matter if we do it the way he wants it done or we do it a better and more efficient way he finds something wrong with it and the bad thing about him trying to do this is he only has two employees me and one other guy.
    3. we dont work smart we work hard.. half the stuff we do is becuz he doesnt want to do with a piece of equipment becuz he is in to big of a rush or just wants to get back on the phone with his girl friend.. like for example one day we were putting in drainage and setting grates and he got on the mini excavator and started backfilling and it was at quitting time so he just pushed a little bit of dirt over the pipe and then backed up and went to load up i said hey you didnt fully backfill it.. well his reply was thats why you have a shovel in your hand... his freakn shovel works a hole lot easier than mine!!
    4. he will deliberately do stuff just to make our lives hard or wont do something just becuz we are already headed that way.. like one day we were washing a house and he found something that wasnt washed right on the front porch. and we were done on the hole house so i started loading the truck and i stopped to help them take the stuff off the front porch and there were only two little things left and he went up and grabbed one and walked off becuz he saw me standing there even though i was getting something to drink and trying to get the stuff we washed with off my face..

    so how wouldve handled this? remember i have dealt with this crap all summer and i finally quit this morning... (sorry if it turned into a rant)
  2. CAT powered

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    Sounds like a crappy boss to me.

    One thing I will say is this though.

    You are (well. were) the employee. You are paid to do what you're told. Not to try to tell your employer a better way to do things.

    And if your employer wanted to load the trailer he wouldn't have hired you to do it.

    I always liked to look at it this way when I worked for other people.
    If they don't want to do things efficiently I get paid regardless of whether they finish so let him do it the way he wants. At the end of the day your check has the same amount on it regardless.
  3. YellowDogSVC

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    A lot of the trailer loading and doing things the hard way falls under "..and other duties".
    I wouldn't take it personal. Some people don't make good bosses (I'm one of those because I do things my way and usually don't ask for input because it's my butt on the line).
    I would just shrug it off but the professional thing to do is give some notice next time. You may have left the guy in a bind and that just isn't a good thing to do. I realize you are young and it wasn't your dream career job but I have done what you did and as I have grown and learned about business, I realized I screwed some folks that probably were having a bad day or just didn't know how to talk to people but weren't attacking me personally..
    Just move on. If the guy really isn't that bad to work for after you have had a chance to cool off, then go talk to him. Maybe you can get a raise and a new job description with a little communication. Maybe..
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    Move on. There is better out there. You are my kind of worker. Effeciency is key. I am solo most of the time but i do hire college kids to help with installs. I am fully loaded, truck warmed up, drank coffee, and fueled before 7:30 when the workers arive. Yea he is an employee but you have to have pride in your job. Move on you can do better. Too bad you are so far, i will be hiring a fulltime guy soon.
  5. Junior M

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    yea but he has left me hanging many times like last friday i finally got ahold of him at 8:45 and he said he would be there at 9:30 well i finally got ahold of him at 12:30 and he said well i got alot of running around to do so just take the day off.. its like wtf!! i have two electric services that need done and i have been standing around half the day waiting on you and one electric service needed done two days before that and it is a 100 mile round trip that is the crap i dealt with... and that isnt the first time he has done that to me.. and we would never start or quit on the same time everyday it was always when he felt like it..

    and i got one question.. where is everybody getting the trailer loading from? when i said he went off to load the trailer i meant he pushed a foot of dirt in to a three foot deep hole that already held a length of six inch corrugated pipe in it.. that is alot of dirt for me to move with a shovel and he wanted it done in a few minutes.. let me clarify something.. i didnt mind having to do it it was what he said and what he thought about having me there.. like i wasnt usefull for anything else other than standing on a shovel.. the said thing is i could dig and see grade better than him and i have only been doing it for three years and he has been doing grading and landscaping for eighteen years..

    and his quality of work just sucked!! i mean he didnt care about anything just as long as it got done and as fast as he thought it could be done.. and god forbid if me and the other guy stood around to catch our breath while we were cutting grass at his clients house. he wants him to make himself look good even though he showes up in dirty wrinkly clothes and a trashy little toyota truck and a rusty little trailer with bald tires.. but god forbid we sit at the truck and catch our breath while he finishes weedeating or talks to the home owners..

    really sorry for the rant i just wasted my summer when i couldve been learning to form, pour, and finish concrete...
  6. bobcat_ron

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    You did the right thing, I hate starting work so late, give me 7am or even 5 am, then I can take a siesta in the afternoon when it gets too hot.
    But you still have to be an a**hole sometimes and start suggesting new idea sometime, I found that out pretty early on in my job.
  7. Gravel Rat

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    In the summer time when I was working for a contractor or working on my own I liked starting at 6:30 or 7am I can't take any time in the sun I get heat exhaustion easy.

    My last employer I left a note on the shop desk it I have to terminate employment starting today. I couldn't take :wall anymore it was one step forward and 3 steps backwards.
  8. YellowDogSVC

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    I think you need to come work in Texas
  9. YellowDogSVC

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    Well if it's that bad then you definitely don't have the time to wait on him. Life is short. I have wasted so much time because of other people and the weather that I mostly look for the jobs I can do alone on my own time. I like to start at 8:00 or 8:30 and be done by 5 so I can be home with the kids and wife. It doesn't always work out that way but it helps to be fueled up and and loaded up with the right tools the night before.

    If you like that work, start your own company and compete. Do a better job for a fair price and you will be more successful with a good work ethic. Even with less equipment to start, perserverance and hard work will help you come out ahead.
  10. Junior M

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    oh. believe me i did. on the dirt work jobs i was second on the totem pole and i am only 14 and the other guy is 46.. and the boss would put me on the backhoe and the other guy on the shovel.. he has never done dirt work in his hole life.. but we had this 7/10's of an acre to grade and he tried to use the backhoe and the tractor with a boxblade.. now i agree with the tractor to get it perfect but the backhoe no the lot had to many trees and it wasnt flat enough so it was hard to get leveled out but whatever it still isnt done because we have been doing all the dirt work since they finished the inside of the house.. that includes drainage, irrigation, and we are doing everybit of the landscaping also....

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